Are SF4 SE sticks a good buy?


My local game stop is selling one for $50 and I’m thinking about picking it up for MVC3. I have found reviews saying they are good and others saying they suck, so I don’t know if its worth it or not. Any help is appreciated!


Once you replace the stock buttons and stick, it’s pretty much the same as the TE stick, just smaller.

You could also search around a bit because you can sometimes find the SE stick for around 30 bucks.

Also, you could try looking for one in the trading outlet on this site (already modded with the upgraded buttons and stick).


So stock they suck?? How easy is it to replace the parts. Ive never done it before. Also, How expensive are replacement parts?


Super easy to replace the parts, and yes the stock parts are garbage. But keep in mind that by the time you order buttons and a new stick, you could have gotten a TE for about the same price if you’re paying 50 for the SE


Go to

Get this joystick
Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Joystick

and 6 or 8 Sanwa OBSF-30s

Now you have your cost.

If you have a phillips screwdriver, a small flathead screwdriver and a strong yet careful grip. Swapping buttons out is easy.


Blah, blah, replace parts, blah.

Save yourself the trouble and get a TE, its more cost effective and a better stick in the long run.


SE sticks range from 30-50 bucks and parts are about 35 shipped. 85 is always less than 100 + shipping in my book. Don’t know about yours. ggs


I’d rather pay more for a TE stick but that’s only because they’re bigger in dimension and have a better looking form factor to them. Yes, SE stock parts are so incredibly bad that it’s almost like you need to buy new parts right out of the box.


I find the stock TE stick not that great either…Also the TE R1/R2 are too big, i like the TE-S


I, like some other players, prefer the SE’s size due to the smaller, curved palm rest.

Plus it’s more cost-effective if you want to try (superior) Seimitsu sticks like the LS-55-01, LS-40-01 or LS-56-01.


^ This. LS-56 ftw.

And it’s actually much cheaper to get a SE + new parts than a TE.

I got my SE for 40 bucks.


I don’t know what magical place you order your parts, but they are not $35 shipped, not even $35 in parts. Also OP did not say he’s getting his $30 or $40, he’s finding it for $50.

ppl stop pulling numbers out your asses


I own a SE sf4 stick with original parts. I too paid around 50 for it. In my opinion it’s worth the money. Here’s how I rate it on a scale of 1-10:

Look of the controller (artwork, colors, finish, etc.): 10
Feel/Craftsmanship: 9
Technical Responsiveness of buttons and stick: 6
Overall score: 8.3

Good stick for casual players…competitive players will obviously want to upgrade the parts or opt for a TE. Being a casual player myself it suits me fine.


Walmart had a sale going with SE sticks going for 30 a pop with a copy of SF4. had a sale sometime during November where you could get 2 SE sticks for 50 bucks. You can find stock SE sticks cheap on Ebay. Also depending on if you go to Akibara shop or LL prices vary, but the real deals are to be had when you hit the Trading Outlet here at SRK. Shoutouts to kasprfoto and ibeatu.

Again, ggs.


go snag a TE! :slight_smile:


A lot of times you can snag an SE modded with sanwa parts for around $70 on these forums. It’s a good way to save a few bucks on a stick if you don’t want to spend $100+ on a TE. It’s also a little more compact. It’s got ups and downs. I don’t think you can go wrong with either stick.

Keep in mind though, if you’re looking for custom color buttons and that nonsense, you’ll pay for sanwa buttons twice on the TE. on an SE, you can start with the look you want and not have to worry about selling off the old buttons.


I bought a brand new SE for 25$ of a fellow srk member and the cost was:

8 sanwa buttons - 24$
1 seimitsu joystick - 22$


Any word on if a MvC3 stick is going to be made. The MvC2 ones are awesome, but a little hard to find and most internet sites want A LOT for them. I gotta imagine with all the hype madcatz will make a new one for this game.


No official word yet, but I’m 99% sure there’ll be a Joystick for Marvel 3.


OK, So i’m really considering converting the SE. I am just a little worried about converting the parts, as I have never done it before. How easy is it to reconnect wires to the stick/buttons to assure they work properly?