Are shin akuma and u.rugal hard? or do i just suck?

i’ve been playing for a few months and the character i’ve choosen to master is yun. i can do his bnb’s with reasonable success but i sometimes have trouble comboeing in supers to the comboes. and when i fight s.akuma/u.rugal at the end of the game they always beat me. i come close but it is not good enough and i have no friends to play with so i can’t practice against actual people. i play in c groove but i never do counter attacks, are they pivitol to being good?i can only roll cancel a couple of moves but not nearly consistant enough to use reliably in battle. any assistance would be appreciated. i need help with the basics i guess

Go to the CT/RI threads in the Apex forum and hook up with ppl there. I know a few, they’re good ppl.

With basics you should try to know everything you can for…

1)Normals attacks:
Range, angle, Anti airing, etc.



wakeup, ground, counter hit setups.

Throw setups, attack setups, baiting, etc.

Once you learn that, you should be able to have the advanced stuff start to come naturally because all the stuff on the list will get you to start thinking more about startegies instead constantly trying to land one single thing continuously.

thankyou for being patient enough to answer. i figured people would get mad and not bother because i’m a stupid scrub

go to the yun thread and set the forum to show threads “from the beginning” at the bottom of the page. i remember edma posted some absolute gold about C-yun, and his yun is nasty.

and yea, if the computer is set to the highest level, shin akuma and ultimate rugal are tough. but honestly, if you’re a beginner, DON’T PLAY AGAINST THE COMPUTER. i don’t care if you don’t have anybody to play against. you start to develop really bad habits that are hard to break. instead, practice execution, combos, RC’s, etc etc etc in training mode. and if you want to get better, practice some more. RC’s are frustrating in the beginning, but you’ll get them eventually (with more practice).

and hopefully you have an arcade stick, because it’s kinda worthless to learn a bunch of stuff on the pad. come time for arcade tournies, you’re in trouble. plus your execution in general increases on a joystick IMO.


PS- if you like yun so much, you should give 3S a shot:D

thank you. so i should just play against a stationary training dummy.that is what i do alot of the time for a couple of hours a day but i always thought that was wrong so i started fighting the computer.thankyou once again

Shin Akuma isn’t hard because he still has the Akuma trait of taking damage like a pussy. Basically what you need to do is turtle and corner him. When you do try and get chip damage and break his defense and use Yun’s best wake up moves i’m sorry but I don’t know much about Yun.

I use a Ration 4 N-Ken on them. I trap them with a rush down and then it’s just DP’s on wake up eventually they’ll slide away but just keep it up don’t fight them in the middle of the field just try and corner them.