Are / Should Turbo Pads be Banned in Tournament?

I have heard that turbo pads have been banned from tournament but I could not find anything to confirm this online, was hoping someone could clarify this for me as I am looking to enter some tournaments to try and improve and I do not own a stick yet.

I can see this being an issue in the older street fighter games where button mashing was used to get out of holds and dizzy’s, but in Street Fighter 4 they have eliminated all need for button mashing.

I play E Honda so I use it for hundred hand slap. I can see the argument coming from an opposing player saying “well normally you’d have to hit 5 buttons and now you just have to hit one so its not fair”.

What do you think, should they be banned? Does it really give Honda that much of an advantage? Everything I do on a turbo pad is possible on a stick and is really just less reliable to manually input on a pad. I would still say a player on a stick is at more of an advantage.

Yeah they should be banned. Otherwise to boils down to an arms race of controllers. You’ll then get some tw*t with a macro controller with combos programmed in to hit 1-frame combos 100% of the time - where does it stop ? Plus the arcade doesn’t have Turbo and its not the way the game was designed to be played so it should be banned in tournaments.

Turbo is banned in every “serious” tournament and you are disqualified if you’re using it. It’s an unfair advantage that eliminates the need to learn.

Expect to get massive hate from anyone who catches you using it in casuals too.

Turbo is banned, but you should be able to use a pad that can use turbo as long as you don’t use the turbo functionality.

It’s far more than just about Honda players being able to do Slaps with a button.

They’ve been banned since turbo existed, let’s keep it that way

Yeah, they should be banned, it’s an unfair advantage. I use Honda myself sometimes and I have a 360 pad, so I’m not accustomed with the whole turbo lark.
I can see the advantages, but it’s not fair if it makes you work less for the win IMO

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playstation 350. thats not even out yet


They are banned at every single tournament. They give you an unfair advantage in execution that essentially replaces a portion of player skill with a programmed electronic function. If you’re going to do hands, do it the legit way, and learn how to piano the 5 inputs properly.

Personally I would go even further and not allow the mapping of multiple button inputs to one button, ie PPP, KKK, one button dashes in MVC3, etc etc.

Yeah they should be banned but I feel at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Someone isn’t gonna beat me just because of turbo, if I am fundamentally better and more skilled I will still win, regardless of turbo

I would also ban macros…:wow:

Not agreeing or disagreeing but why ban macros? Those aren’t really an unfair advantage if your talking about having a button for triple punches or kicks.

Can I sound REALLY stupid and ask what a macro is? I’ve heard many say it but I have no idea what it means

(Sorry >_<)

Making a button perform multiple commands which can be configured in options so like:
all 3 punches or all 3 kicks upon the press of a button to perform ex moves and such in SF
or a one button air dash in marvel 3 by setting the button to perform light+medium or medium+heavy etc

Ohh okay thanks!

banning macros is simply just out of he question since they come with the game… anyway i am most inclined to avree with this poster asiancupcake . i dont feel like it would win me any extra matches. its kind of dumb itsbanned cause it actualy puts you behind really. well i am just going to try and master the slide technique for nedt weekend until k have enough dough to buy a proper stick.

macros suck, i practiced war machines air infinite for like a month only to go on GGPO and get scraped by every mexican using 3p buttons to do wolverines ground infinite :frowning:

It’s not going to give you the instant win, but your level of execution doesn’t need to be as high with turbos/macros as it needs to be with pure player skill. It gives an unfair advantage, an advantage that…no matter how slight…should never be allowed in a 1v1 contest.

A 6-button game engine should allow use of 6 buttons, same goes for 4-button game engines. Anything else is just an unnecessary aide that should be regulated against.

Really? You don’t think you’d be doing any worse without the ability to do HHS? One of Honda’s most useful moves? In fact you think the controller doing HHS for you puts you at a disadvantage?

I played MvC3 on a six-button pad.

Macros for the shoulder buttons were necessary just for me to be able to X-Factor properly, as well as do Taskmasters QCF+LH super. Otherwise, I would have been at a severe, severe disadvantage.

Macros for arcade sticks aren’t even ban-worthy to me - they’re just unnecessary. You can already hit multiple buttons simultaneously quite easily on an arcade stick, so what’s the need?