Are some characters better suited to players with certain strengths/weaknesses?

I’ve found myself preferring characters that occupy the opponent with random crap on screen while I go in for the attack, ie: Remy, Guile, Athena, and any character with a slow moving projectile.

I also prefer speed over brute strength and balance and charge motions means I don’t have to stress out in trying to combo using complicated motions.

I would say yes. When SF2 was new and I was younger I would gravitate to the flashy quick characters and thier big combos, like Ken, Fei Long, etc. Now that I’m an old man (LOL) I tend to use a more patient style of play and prefer characters who can get in and do good damage without relying on complex combos (that I will probably screw up) like Honda and Hugo.

Hmm it would seem with terrible normals and a lighting quick low mk (in which SAII will most likely be chained from) she would seem a rather complicated choice. Ken would seem slightly easier overall, because SAIII is alil bit easier to hit confirm.

Exactly what natural skills are required to proply charge partition/buffer? I’ve always had trouble with it but through practice it’s gotten to be more natural but it’s still a bitch.


I dont really agree with this…

yep i do agree with your statment. For me my personality is “i gotta do everything fast”. Which is why Yun is my character for 3s. For him its all about rushing, control, attack execution, face it if you cant do his set up for juggles no point in playing him.

I too like to work for my win, and it seems like Yun is a character that teaches offense. You dont have projectiles to trap ur opponents, so u gotta get in there for the attack.

also in MvC2, when it came out every1 used cable/jill/psyloche, first i liked cable cuz of his gun, jill had all this nice looking combos with a nice air super, psylocke had the AA. Then i noticed that every1 started using magneto, to me magneto and yun are the same. Both u need fast reflex and good execution of the combos, this was all b4 the rom infinite was popular.

Concluding that i have a fast personality i needed to play fast characters, so there is truth to ur statement.

Humbag: why not?

er… i think some of the comments matching personality with playing style are a bit misplaced, but that’s cool, since it’s probably a good counter against my argument. for example, would people play Yun if his moveset was exactly like Dudleys? (e.g. Dudley’s sprite was changed to Yun’s) the ‘personality’ argument suggests “omg yes!”, which forms a decent basis against what the title post’s claim that ‘playstyle’ matters more than ‘character design’.

To answer the topic, hell yes.

I have terrible execution, terrible reflexes, and no time to practice. Hence I pick characters that take no time to learn, deal damage through REALLY simple combos and allow me to deal damage more on small tactical finesses rather than some complex long combo. Plus I like characters that are able to force the tone of the match into something slow that I can deal with. Hence Guile/Bison/Dhalsim in ST, Ky in Guilty Gear XX to Slash, Galford in SSV, etc.

Basically I just try to find characters I can use to swindle wins from people I have no business beating since I don’t have the time to keep up with theory. Tiers matter little to me if I don’t have the time to practice the top tier characters and strats.

I enjoy learning the speed and range of hit boxes and animations. Every character can be fun.

If you’re playing Dhalsim as a turtle character, you’re playing him wrong. The man has a crazy pressure game in both A3 and ST, and zoning =/= turtling anyway.