Are st o.g characters the same as

super street fighter characters?

played super.s last week for the first time in years at some arcade near my college. couldnt help to notice that all the characters felt alot better the than o.g characters in st.

are there really any differences?

Same use the wiki dude

doesnt say anything about it on wiki.

Okay, Im an ST rookie, but I think, and I stress think, that they are NOT the same as their Super counter parts. I think the O.Chars is SSF2T are unique to that game. Even if only very slightly.

I could be wrong, but I have a vague memory of reading this somewhere.

arent they supposed to be faster?

O.Chun, O.Fei, and O.Sagat are different from the Super versions. ST is also a faster game. Beyond that I think they are pretty much the same.

How are they different, I havent noticed anything other the gameplay speed?

O. Shotos can do jumping attack xx air hurricane kick while Super Shotos cannot (as far as I know).

Yes they can

I did it in my video with ken at the begining [media=youtube]gzGDt-W3bgw[/media] once with a jumping strong, then again with a jumping jab.

Ryu can also do it with his jumping strong, though its only useful for charging up your meter.

EDIT: Oh wait you are talking about O.shotos in ST right…

EDIT: just checked with O.Ken, he can.

O.chars in ST are not 100% identical to SSF2 versions, some normals cancel in ST while they don’t in SSF2. Also SSF2 hit boxes are different, there is lesser push back from impact and this doesn’t apply to O.chars in ST but does in Hyper SF2 (SSF2/HF/CE/WW).

O.Sagat has faster recovery from Tiger shots (and the Tigers travel faster? Was this ever verified (O.Sagat’s over Super Sagat’s I mean)). He also can cancel off of the second hit of his standing kick attacks, can’t do that in Super SF2.

O. Fei can cancel almost any crouching move into his Rekka Kens, couldn’t in Super SF2.

O. Chun can do her flip kick with towards or back + Forward (MK) button (instead of just towards + Forward). This always her to actually do a new combo - jump in attack, hold back + Forward, cancel into fireball.

thanks for the input guys, one last question… i find it far easier to do special in S than in ST… I havent played S for a while now but doing lightening kicks and hands slaps with Honda felt far easier on S. can any here confirm if this is true?

I’m asking this question because I wanna figure out whether it was buttons that made the game feel that much better of the actual game systen itself. I recall playing S for the first time in an arcade, and funnily enough the last time also over 3 years ago.

There’s absolutely no difference between ST Old characters and SSF2 characters, though there are differences between the ST and SSF2 engines that allow Old chars to do stuff they could not do in SSF2(Dictator being able to cancel his c.Forward because they added 1 extra cancelable frame to every move in the game, for example.).

To short this: the only difference is the game they are in.

Wrong man, if that was the case then all O.characters would have gained 2n1’s that were not possible in SSF2, but that’s not the case it’s specific and clearly shows it was added on purpose like why O.Honda can cancel low fierce but can’t do the same with low strong or low roundhouse ! and if ur 1 frame theory is true then why O.Sagat can cancel the 2 hits on his short/forward kicks !

The clear difference between O.ST and SSF2 are cancelable moves and extra push back.

The new 2 in 1s are possible because of the extra cancelable frame I mentioned earlier.
O.Chars can cancel any move that have 5 or less frames of startup, while SSF2 chars can only cancel moves that have 4 or less frames of startup.
And about O.Sagat’s standing kicks… according to T.Akiba’s frame data, the 2nd hit shouldn’t be cancelable, but perhaps his frame data for these moves is wrong.

The extra push back and the cancelable moves are related to the game engine and not the characters themselves.

Then why can’t O.Guile/O.Boxer for example cancel low fierce, man you miss understood what T.Akiba was explaining about that frame data, he meant the time you are allowed to 2n1 a normal that CAN be canceled he never meant it as a rule to cancel any normal frame, if that was the case 2n1’s would be like like Marvel games ! anything can be 2n1’ed !

Because they have 6 frames of startup.
You’re missing the point.
In ST, every normal move has 6 kara-cacelable frames, if a move hits in the 6th frame (5 frames of startup) or less, hit stop will give it 14 extra cancelable frames due to a programing error, making it easier to cancel these moves.
Guile and Boxer can’t cancel their c.Fierces because they have 6 frames of startup, and hit on the 7th frame.

Spirited_Away - Master Bigode is right about O.ST and Super differences being unintentional. The cancel rules are indeed system wide. (mostly… uh see below… actually I wrote a whole different post but had to change it as I looked stuff up)

This part is a vestige of what I was originally going to write haha wtf:

This isn’t right. Honda crouching jab, O.Blanka far jab, O.Blanka crouching forward, Zangief far short, Fei various attacks. These all have 6 or fewer frames of start-up and can’t be comboed.

Gak as I’m writing this post I’ve been looking at … hmm… T.Akiba updated this since NKI posted his version. It’s more complicated

New Honda, Zangief, Hawk and Fei have different rules apply to them. That’s why they can’t cancel their stuff.

Old Blanka and Old Cammy, too. Thus O.Blanka and his far jab and crouching forward.

o.blanka has some stupid fake shit…

was the pull-back on his up ball the same in SSF2? I don’t remember.