Are sticks supposed to be loud?

Well I was thinking about buying a stick for a while and finally bought one (HRAP3). The first night I played it, my neighbor from downstairs (live in an apt - LA is expensive :sad:) came over like at 11 and said she can’t sleep because of the “ratchety” noise of the stick. I don’t play violent by any means (contrary to what I’ve seen on some youtube videos!). Anyone else encounter this? Night time is basically the only time I can play :annoy:

Yep, they can be pretty loud, especially when you are mashing a throw or dizzy.

If this gets to be a big problem for you, maybe you can mod your stick with an optical joystick.

What the fuck is your floor made of cardboard? The answer is no, because cardboard would dampen the sound better than your floor.

i would warp the arcade stick in a blanket, maybe that will absorb the sound

Hollow case reverberates the sound, making it even louder. Blanket may work, or stuffing the inside of your stick with cotton balls, but I wouldn’t recommend it :sweat:

Yes. So everyone else can hear that you are a motherfucking balla.

I think your neighbor is crazy.

Dang, I wish I had a house =P

what was she wearing?

As far as we can tell she was wearing nothing

Sound dampening material made for PC cases inside the stick might help.

Why not? I mean, as long as they stay away from the PCB and buttons and all it should be fine shouldnt it? One way you could is just tape down the cotton to the walls of the case. The tape would hold down any loose cotton strands and hold it in place, right?

Sounds like a guy I play on Live with a Hori stick. It’s so loud that I can hear the buttons clicking through the headset.

Regardless, I feel for you with the apartment situation. I was in one for a few years before getting a house and I would think that a stick would be the least of anyone’s concerns. For me it was usually the people blasting their subwoofer or yelling at the top of their lungs at each other. Good times…

he needs to go downstairs and tell her he can’t sleep because he keeps hearing a clickity-clack noise through the floor, then when she shifts her weight or takes a step, point to her crotch and scream “That’s it!”

pretty loud, but ive never had problems in my apt.


i have this problem too late at night. i use an all sanwa set up and its pretty damn loud.

i have a seperate joystick with an ascii flash clone (silent) with seimitsu clear buttons (quieter than sanwas) almost solely for this reason. its quite a bit softer in terms of noise.

That sounds extremely strange. I’ve never heard of a stick that loud or walls that thin. It would make sense if someone in the same room was complaining of the noise, or even someone in an adjacent room with thin doors that don’t seal off the sound. But in another apartment? Um… huh?

Buy some dynomat and apply it to the metal top plate. This will help alot. While your in there you might as well put it everywhere inside that thing. Also the hrap is double walled there is a gap between the inner wall and outer wall after you put dynomat in the inside, bolt the top panel back on. Then holding the case upside down, put dynomat on the walls in there also, then fill the gap where the volts are with cloth or polyfill. Then cover the bottom plate with dynomat too. If it’s still too loud then move to a different apartment. But seriously the dynomat will work wonders & filling that gap should really help insolate the sound.

I use a simple solution, my folks always complain about the noise. Cpl of mouse mats underneath the sticks cuts out the vibrations. Its probably the vibrations on the table/desk thats causing the noise

I have one of those non stick things you put on drawers under my stick. Works great to make the stick not move. I was surprised too when I heard my neighbor (middle aged lady wearing curlers) could hear the noise from downstairs. I may just end up playing on my crappy dpad to play at night. Damn houses in california - need to spend over $500K just for something I’d want to live in :frowning: