Are sticks that are able to block in both directions allowed at evo?

There are several players who posses a stick in which you can block in both directions by holding two buttons. This isn’t normally possible with a standard arcade stick. I was wondering will these be allowed at evo, since it gives an advantage that no other person gets unless they were exploiting this.

I asked more specifically about SOCD inputs and got no clear response, so I’m thinking that they are. There’s no good way to distinguish an SOCD capable hitbox-style controller from a SOCD-incapable one on sight, and hitboxes are allowed.

Well, are they going to have to start doing SOCD checks with Berserker Slashes along with the usual button checks?

These things are an abomination

but if obd is legal…everything else is


Ban hitbox, 6 buttons only standard kthxbye

just make it so its only allowed to map 6 buttons.

It is impractical to implement an SOCD ban. Since such a ban would be un-enforceable and it’s trivial for the game developer to prevent SOCD, there are no restrictions. If you don’t want to see SOCD in future games, lobby the developer to check for it and only allow one of the inputs through.

You can block both ways on a pad as well.

The only game that comes into question with this is Marvel 3 (Which allows any controller to block both ways.)

Anything that uses a programmable input entry (making a shoryuken - 1 button input is not allowed. If you wish to mod you stick to allow blocking in both direcions, that would be allowed.

Its unfortunate that Capcom did not patch this loophole, but this situation is completely unenforcable.

FYI the legitimate Hitboxes that are sold from (The guys that had the booth at ReveLAtions) are not capable of blocking both ways.

However, if you DO have a stick/pad that can block both ways in MVC3 I have to say, flying to the top of the screen with modok to avoid high/low mix up while blocking both ways to nullify the left/right mixups is REALLY cheap.

can these pads block both directions? or Madcatx TE sticks

You can’t map a shoryuken but can have impenetrable defense at EVO. Sad days for us real gamers… really sad days. :frowning: This shit is some of the scrubbiest ruling I’ve seen in my life, can you guys at SRK atleast market a website to mod my stick at thnx.

You still have to block high/low or not get thrown.

Gummowned and I will be modding sticks at EVO, including mods like making any button you want (back button?) block in both directions.

This should be posted to the front page, every player has the right to be informed on this issue so they can take advantage of it if they wish.
And that might get some attention from Capcom on this stupid issue too.

But hey, maybe this will make Wolverine and Phoenix less good. Maybe in the future, all MvC3 will be played with double-blocking.

hey, there was some precedent for this…SC4, mapping 2 A/B buttons with hilde so you can charge her moves and still attack/break throws. that shit was legal in evo and like every other tourney for that game, and SC players just ended up banning the character bc they didnt want to ban button binding for some dumb reason

Wasn’t Hildes balance problem a giant combo into ring out, not button bindings… And was she even really banned? If she was, she may have been unbanned again. I dunno.

Strogg thats not true, by holding down back with an all block button it will block downback, back, and forward. All you have to do is see a low cross up and block accordingly. Also I hate you for modding sticks like that. <3 Really I do.

Also Josh the game allowed you to bind those buttons, the game here does not its from hardware mods…

We go from a day and age where we play in arcades, have a stick and 6 buttons to a new time where you can mod in a system that is impossible in arcades and on legitimate arcade style sticks. I’m with NerdJosh that is a completely fucked up ruling to allow sticks that block in both directions.

Shit’s trash.

I just can’t believe that people are even offering that modding service as if everyone should be doing it