Are (Super) Street Fighter 4 tournaments held on XBOX 360 or PS3?

Sorry if this is too basic of a question, but I was curious what console SSF4 tournaments were conducted on? I’ve seen some tournament videos online that all seemed to be on the 360, but I wasn’t sure.

The reason I ask is that I currently play on a PS3 and was planning on buying a stick soon but didn’t want to buy a PS3 one if I would eventually need a XBOX 360 one as well if I decided to go to a tournament. (The sticky on arcadesticks seemed to indicate that it’s not possible to use PS3 sticks on XBOXs).

Thanks for your help!

you can mod your stick to work on Both 360 and PS3.

I thought PS3s were actually the “official” system of tournaments, but I think locally run small-time tournies use xbox because its cheaper/more people have it. I believe PS3 was used at EVO correct me if I’m wrong.

Both. Evo uses PS3s, but local/regional tournaments use a mixture of both.

Because of this, many people end up dual modding sticks to work both consoles. It is generally easier (currently) to dual mod an xbox360 stick to work on PS3 than the other way around. You can find more information about this in tech talk.

Most local tournaments I’ve been to use 360, but big tournaments like EVO and ECT usually use PS3 as far as i know. I haven’t had a problem asking people if i can borrow their stick when my matches come up before. If you don’t have an 360 already id say get the PS3 stick so you can practice (unless you have other means to access a 360 on a consistent basis.)

You’re right in that you can’t use PS3 sticks on 360, Cheddar Jack. You can, however, mod your stick like Bruce_Deluxe said…but you may not be ready for that. I had this very same question and asked a bunch of high-level friends of mine, and they agreed with what’s already been said here: PS3 is usually used for big tournaments (EVO, etc.) because it’s so easy to swap sticks out – you just plug yours in, change the controller to whatever number you’re supposed to in the guide menu, and go. The 360 is really finicky in this regard so PS3 is obviously the best choice for tourneys where people will be rotating in and out on the same consoles all the time. Local, smaller events and casual play usually ends up on 360 just because that’s what people have. If you have a PS3, buy a PS3 stick and don’t worry about competition just yet unless you’ve got a high-level group you can go practice with that uses 360s. (You can probably use their sticks anyways if you’re doing casuals!) If you’re just now thinking about buying your first stick it’s gonna take you a while before you’re really ready to seriously consider competing, and by then you’ll probably be ready to mod your stick.

If you do want to mod your stick at some point to be dual or multi-console capable, check these threads out:
Official Cthulu/Chimp thread – Dual/Multiconsole custom-made PCB support and discussion thread
Paewang Revolution modding/selling thread – the Paewang Rev has a tiny, convenient PCB that’s 360 and PS3 compatible right out of the box, you can buy the bare PCB or the whole stick from laugh over there