Are the "DLC" Costumes on-disc?

For the record, I DO NOT want this to devolve into some Capcom-bashing topic. I just want to know, straight-up, are the Costumes on-disc content?

Given Capcom’s track-record, and the fact that the Costume-pack is only 318kb for all six costumes, I’m pretty confident that it’s on-disc content. But I don’t want to jump to conclusions, as I’ve heard a few people on other forums suggest the Costumes may have been implemented along with the Shadow Mode update last week, whilst others said the Costumes themselves were incomplete, as was Jill.

So, if anyone has any strict information on the subject, please share with us. Like I said, this isn’t a topic to try and get people riled up, I’d just personally like to know before I make a decision on whether or not to purchase.

Some. The guys who hacked the guy to see Jill and Shuma wrote this:

“DLC Outfits exist on the disc for the following: Ryu, Akuma, Chris, Wesker, Dante, Captain America, Iron-Man, Thor, Dr. Doom, and Dormammu. The characters Capcom have shown so far in the launch trailer have their DLC Outfits completely on the disc. The other characters mentioned that have DLC Outfits that have not been shown are INCOMPLETE and unusable. The way the complete DLC outfits are packed make it tricky to access in a reasonable time so we will leave these alone. [Edit - The incomplete and unusable outfits probably aren’t DLC after all but are probably the boss form skins prior to fighting Galactus. This explains why the textures Krisan saw are just blank white maps and a normal map.]”

It was in the SRK main page a while ago.

What difference does it make?

Something to add to a list of complaints I would assume.

Very cool, appreciate the info :slight_smile: