Are the EWGFs supposed to have some kind of visual effect change?


I’ve never actually played a Mishima in a Tekken game, simply because they all looked too similar and too “Ryu/Akira/Karateka” for me. Since playing SFxT for a while though, I’ve been more interested in trying them out, if only to master the elusive Electric Wind God Fist, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering I have pretty solid execution and I’m good with Just Inputs, which is what EWGF supposedly is. The problem is that I have no idea if I’m actually doing it.

I can’t find any concrete explanation of what the EWGF looks like in comparison to a normal WGF. The thing everyone seems to say is “it has electricity around it”, but the hitsparks seem to electrify regardless of how I do it. I’ve also heard that if I can juggle two uppercuts in a row, that means I’ve done two EWGFs, but I don’t know how true that is. Anyone have any tips or materials to help me figure this out?


Yeah, there’s a lot of electric that blinks out for a bunch of frames and you hear it.


Just started practicing it with Devil Jin and I think I made some results. After a few tries that seemed to look pretty mundane, I had a few that produced a dark red lightning that stood out from the rest of the hitsparks. It kind of covered his entire arm. I’m guessing that’s what I’m looking for? A darker color lightning from the hitsparks? Also, do different Mishimas have different timing on their EWGFs? Because that would suck.


Set the training dummy to block. If you get a big pushback (like 2+ character lengths) with sound / graphics effects (it’s a crisp electric sound), you’ve done EWGF.
If you don’t get much pushback at all, you’ve only done WGF.
After you do it a few times, you’ll easily notice the difference.


OOOOOOH! Okay, I think I got it. Just tried it with Heihachi and it was pretty noticeable. Pushback was huge plus lingering lightning effects (I practice without sound, so I wasn’t getting any audio cues). I’ve been trying it with Angel but I can’t seem to get anything out of her. Maybe it’s just me. At any rate, I’m probably going to be working at this for a while.


Are the inputs more strict in TTT2 compare to SFxT? Apparently Bruce has the same inputs, on one of his moves, that I need to learn during a juggle. I can only do it x3 in neutral position and when applying during a launcher it hardly happen unless I apply the inputs right as well timing it.


All the EWGFs should be the same timing, anyhow.
The trick is getting the just frame input really. SF players are used to pressing the button after the motion whereas in Tekken it’s kind of ‘with’ the motion. Turn on training room input display to help.


I’ve been experimenting in both games and it certainly seems to be the case. I actually ended up maining Kazuya in SFxT because I found Wave Dashing to be so easy and ridiculously entertaining. The EWGF came shortly after. Now that I’m trying both wave dashing and EWGF in an actual Tekken game, it seems like the game just doesn’t give a damn about input leniency.

I just did what I think was Angel’s EWGF, and now I can’t seem to do it again. Also, I only think it was an EWGF because it looked like the pushback was bigger than normal. I didn’t see any electricity or anything coming out of it. I’m actually starting to take this more seriously now because Angel looks like a fun character to play, but I can’t play a character if I can’t do all of their moves. This is going to drive me crazy.

Edit: So apparently Angel’s EWGF sticks balls on the opponent on block. No visual difference on her though. Yeah, that’s not confusing at all.



Angel’s EWGF does seem a little stricter, but it has the same pushback/safeness and whatnot of the other Mishimas.


You don’t have shortcuts, EX moves and weird inputs in here to mess it up. It’s kind of you do or don’t in TTT2.


You either EWGF, or you WGF. There is no in-between.

And the latter is plain like any other launcher. If you can’t see yourself committing to learn it, there’s no point to focusing on a Mishima-style character.


since when?

it was always heachi had the tightest timing the dj and kaz was the easiest in 5 and dr

dont bother watching for sparks or effects ewgf sounds different from wgf


Yeah you’re right. I don’t play Mishimas as you can tell. Or at least Heihachi.