Are the FightPads durability as bad as everyone makes it out to be?

Lately I see a lot of rage, I even saw one guy just completely destroy his Blanka pad out of rage.

Depends I think. I’ve a year old FightPad that’s still in good condition. Most people however are apparently not as lucky.

Well if you’re destroying it because you’re mad I don’t think that has anything to do with the durability of it through normal use.

As far as breaking during normal use? I also hear about them breaking a lot but, I don’t have/use one so I can’t say.

I was thinking about buying 2 or 3 (1 for X-Box 360 for locals if I decide to play), but I wanted to know about the durability.

Yeah, I mean through normal use. The guy who completely destroyed it was complaining about buttons sticking. I simply thought if the buttons were sticking, he shoulda sent it back because it was probably that pad in particular.

I’ve had my Mad Catz Chun-Li X360 (PC) fightpad since August '09. The diagonals began crapping out around January and then the shoulder buttons. Despite my best attempts to fix the d-pad, it’s still unreliable and causes a lot of frustration. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy these pads.

ive broke two of them already. on the first one the down direction started getting stuck and eventually crapped out. same thing happened to the second one except this time it was up. its sad because when they work they’re awesome. are there any other good pads for fighting games for 360?

Oh dear, looks like I won’t be getting one for my PS3 then lol. I don’t think there is anything else decent for the PS3, besides a stick. A lot of local tournaments nowadays for me all use the 360. I just didn’t see the point in buying a stick for the PS3 and tournaments are on 360. So I guess I’ll have to buy a 360, or keep replacing FightPads.

Rip the PCBs out of the Pads once they start sticking (it’s usually due the contacts on the inside of the buttons fowling up), and make yourself a stick out of them if that is really a problem.

Yes absolutely horrendous build quality My brand new guile round 2 fightpad lasted 2 hours no abuse what so ever the shoulder button microswitches are such poor quality they break fast.

>buy pads
>use their guts to make a stick instead of actually using the pad

best use of fightpads imo

The main concern I’ve heard with the Fightpads are that the D-Pad wears out quite quickly under regular to heavy usage. Ever thought about the Hori Fighting Commander 3? Same layout as a Fightpad but has 4 triggers as well(dunno how it works).

The fightpad I got always seemed rather crap. I am really good with my stuff and don’t tend to mash, but it was always really mushy. Nothing was very responsive. I miss my old saturn pads… hell, the genesis pad ruled too!

Get a Sony or Hori pad.