Are the madcatz SFIV SE & TE pcb's the exact same?


trying to get my dual mod shizzz going, but need some info on this guys:

does anyone know if the madcatz SFIV pcbs are identical?

also are they both common ground?


They are identical and common ground.


/\ /\ thanks bro!

also is it possible to just disconnect the turbo pcb section and only use the main pcb?

I just need the six street fighter buttons, guid, back and start, everything else i can toss.

thanks in advanced


Should be able to, but here’s the thing. The Guide/Home button is a part of the control area where the Turbo is. Now, I don’t know what kind of dual mod you are wanting, but you have a few options.

  1. Disconnect/cut all the wires pertaining to the turbo. So all that is hooked up are the LEDs, the Guide button and ground.

  2. Get rid of the turbo control panel entirely and the cable that came with it, solder a cable from the pad for guide on the PCB, pull ground from somewhere and run this to a repurposed Guide button.

  3. Depending on your dual mod, you may lose the functionality of your Guide button and will, instead, need to push Start and Back to simulate Guide. This is similar to #2, but you will obviously be wiring your guide button a bit differently, depending on the mod you are trying to accomplish.

In the case of my UPCB TE dual mod, since Guide becomes Start and Back, I cut the cable going to the guide button on the turbo control panel, and resoldered a new wire from the UPCB’s programming button to that cut wire so the old Guide button would become my programming button, then took the remaining cut wire that was coming from Guide on the PCB and hooked it into the 20 pin X-Box 360 piggyback connector.

Again, it really all depends on what kind of mod you are planning with what options you have.


/\ /\ damn G! seriously thanks for taking the time out to type all this great info out bro! :tup:

I know to some it may be a waste but i’m looking for the smallest xbox 360 pcb to dual mod with my dreamcast agetec pcb. both pcb’s will be hooked up to a perfect 360 joystick.

you mentioned LEDs do i even need those?

also to get 5 volts to power my perfect 360 should be straight forward (from xbox 360 pcb) since its a common ground pcb right… ?

man i hate to ask, but could you post a pic of your “gutte” xbox pcb with 20 pin connector :china: :china: :china:

thanks again bro :china:


The LED’s powered the turbo, but they also had 4 LED’s to denote the player surrounding the Guide button on the control panel.

Yes, the 360 PCB is common ground. I couldnt’ tell you anything about the perfect 360 though as I don’t have any experience with them.

I am at work so I am don’t have access to my stick, but I did take some pictures back when I completed it. Not sure how much they’ll help you though. As the picture kind of shows, I took every wire coming out of the headers and wired them to the connector which you can’t really see because the black cable thing is blocking it. You can also notice on the far left of the PCB, the lone wire on the connector going right when the rest of the ribbon cable goes left into the turbo control panel. That was the Guide button that I mentioned earlier where I cut it and soldered the wire coming from the programming button to it instead.


Your shizz looks tite and clean! :wow: me likey

I noticed you tossed your terminal block, i want to do the same. on another note if remove the turbo panel i know it removes that buttons that do left analog stick “(LS)” or D-Pad “(DP)” setting will i ever need these. I guess a better question is once the turbo panel is cut will the DP setting be its default?

btw do you know why madcatz didn’t daisy chain their grounds? instead they have each ground going to their terminal block… …

heres a pic of what i’m talking about:


Mine had a terminal block exactly the same, which I ended up removing entirely to mount the UPCB there. I couldn’t tell you why they have that funky terminal block. I guess it’s supposed to allow for easier management of the wires if one of them goes bad. It’s kind of misleading because it almost makes it seem like it’s not common ground, but if you look at the cables coming from the PCB to the terminal block, then you’ll notice that only one of the wires from the ribbon cable is actually the single ground that supplies ground to the entire terminal block and the buttons. I’m not sure how you’ll be doing on space, but you really don’t need that terminal block at all if you’d rather do something different based on the dual mod you plan on doing.

Here’s a pic of the inside of the TE for reference before I modded mine with the UPCB.


damn cuz mad rep is on the way kid! :tup: serioulsy i think you answered all my thoughts and more bro!

i totally agree with you on that terminal block thang, because i just kept looking at pics and was thinking is this really a common ground pcb??? thanks for the clarification

… … prolly last question does anyone know the default setting with the 3 position switch?

i ask this cuz once it is cut, what position is the switch gonna be in?


we can make plates for six buttons for the te. so u dont have to use plugs