Are the servers acting up recently for anyone else?


I always used to get full green bar connections with most people in my region. Most of the same people i play with have gone from green bars to yellow bars. Also whenever i search for ranked matches. I end up seeing a lot of host’s that say 0/2 players are in that room and their connection is blinking constantly. This has been happening a lot lately to me and was curious if anyone else has the same issue. Isn’t there a port forwarding option in my router settings that I can adjust? I’m not too great on the whole router config stuff. I feel deep down that that is what is causing my issues. Not to mention Umvc3 keeps kicking me out saying connection has been lost thus giving me penalties for “quitting” when I didn’t quit intentionally. Thanks so much in advance.


Your not alone I see the same problem as well. Probably some networking problem on Capcom / Microsoft servers.


I’m also talking about the xbox 360 version i’m not sure about the pc version.


was getting this all day on the PC version and it was fine yesterday

I didnt change anything so I’m assuming its the microsoft servers


Oh good to know… Thought i’d be the only one


yep happened to me. i just do quick matches


It’s fixed for me now. Must have been capcom’s servers.