Are the Silent Hill comics worth reading?

I just recently realized that there are SH comics, but do not have any relation to the game. I don’t have much of a problem with that but if they are a good read, I’d like to know which books to get, and maybe interest my bro. in reading them since he’s a big SH fan. Thanks.

The ones released by IDW? Some of them were pretty nice.

^Kinda vague there, but yeah I mean the IDW ones since the first one by that UK company has yet to be published. Ah what the hey I’ll try to read them all :slight_smile:

i really suggest playing the game, i think it’s probably the best survival horror series out there (in terms of creepiness, scariness, etc). that game just completely messes with your head while playing

also let me know if the comics are good, i had no idea they even existed lol

i havent read them in a while but i liked them. The art is hard to get used to(think mgs comic)

I have read most of them. Sadly, that fucking abstract fucking artstyle that they chose to run with is a real blow against some really interesting stories. If you can handle comics with horrible, hard to discern art and even worse panelwork; you may like the comics.

I had to quit after the third one, though.

Me and my bro. already played SH 1-3 & he finished SH4 some months ago.

@Grey Area- Homie, I read Trigun and Trigun Maximum til the very end and I could BARELY understand 85% of WTF is going from the art, and I STILL enjoyed that series.
I’ll give them a read and if I like them I’ll recommend them :).

on silent hill 3, did you try it on hard riddle mode? that’s stuff is seriously messed up!

I enjoyed Dying Inside , Three Bloody Tales , and Dead Alive.

Dying Inside was my favorite. Dead Alive continues from that one, which is a little confusing. It’s been awhile since I read these titles, so I might be confusing Dead Alive with another title.

There is suppose to be a new one coming out. (Sinners Reward ?)

^Yeah there’s a new that started recently.