Are the Udon SF Comics Canon?

Like if I read them, will they actually count for the story of Street Fighter and what the characters do in it actually happened in the SF-Verse?

Does it say anywhere if it’s official canon?

It’s not canon to the games storyline. But it’s the easiest way to get a clear SF story, and the closest to the games.

What coco said. Not canon, but from what I herd, as close as it’s gonna get, without playing the games.

Does it matter? The games don’t need a storyline and don’t particularly even have a storyline.

Don’t need? I suppose. Don’t have? Dream on.

Nikkolas: no and no. coco_j and Shade are correct though; they will give you the best impression of how the SF canon unfolds.

I still have to say this? Check the first link in my sig…

sano if you wrote that, just thought i’d let you know i read that whole thing before, as well as the kof one.

I didn’t write it TiamatRoar did, I just contributed to some parts. Way more credit should go to TiamatRoar, Saiki, vasili10, Golden Hell, Golden Dragon, Seigfried, Ultima, Aerialgroove and a bunch of other people I’m forgetting about… :sweat:

Thanks for reading! There’s still about a ton of stuff needed to be added to the guide, mainly lots of things vasili10 has been translating lately. TiamatRoar’s been busy but I hope we can get another update before the year is up. Most of the information can be found in this omega thread, over 7,000 posts and still going strong! :lovin:

It just seems like anything even vaguely resembling a storyline in Street Fighter is made up of a bunch of apocryphal tidbits and retcons all cobbled together. I suppose I find it more amusing than anything else that people are concerned with the canonicity of stories that originally existed solely to give characters a reason to get together and kick the hell out of each other.

Hmm…didn’t capcom say that the SF-Comics are now “THE OFFICIAL STREET FIGHTER COMIC” somewhere in their advertising? Well…I guess capcom’s endorsing it pretty well.

Official comic meants it’s an official comic. Not that it replaces the official story. Hong Kong KOF Comics released in English also say they are official and sometimes there’s a few things contradictory with them too. Usually canon / official story comes from the games themselves.

I dunno, with Udon making endings for the new downloadable game the line is getting a little blurry. Though it at least seems from what Rey Jimenez said that their endings are not going to contradict established storylines only update and offer different perspectives on them. Guess we’ll see. I’m thinking their endings will be like the Gameboy SF2 Revival endings, updates where needed and corrections to Capcom USA’s mistranslations of the past (Cammy lovers ordeal, Blanka not knowing his name is Jimmy) but again, we’ll see.

“The game will not have any new characters or secrets that the original did not have. We will, however, be re-working the endings. We will not change the main content/message of the endings, but the writers at Udon will be re-imagining them to offer another angle or take on the original endings. I?m not going to spoil anything about them, but it?ll be pretty damn cool for those that know the old endings.”

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Anyway, Sven of Capcom USA commented on future SF titles adopting Udon’s canon and he said “Probably Not.”

a FEW?

Overall the Udon comic is awesome, but they also did some really really stupid shit in there.

Ryu’s Hurricane kick CUTTING KENS HAIR?! The fuck is that!?

I think I’d be happy for an animated series based on this instead anyway. :smile:

I was being generous but arguably the KOF comics that were actually released in English (KOF 2003 I believe and KOF Maximum Impact) are not as contradictory as the straight up Chinese ones. I mean we have never had to sit through the Emperor of Japan beating up Tekken characters like what happens in the HK KOF comics and that is just the tip of the iceberg… HK SF comics are far worse BTW for the most part…