Are there any arcade sticks coming out for the 360 that


…has 8 buttons? 2 rows of 4 buttons? Because I want one to double as a PC stick, and I want to also use it for neo-geo emulation. So, yeah.


Maybe we will see something when VF5 comes to 360, but as of right now, I think a custom stick is as close as you are gonna get.


You could always get the new Fighting Stick 3 if you are just looking for something to use on PC. That should tantilize your PC gaming. Also, if you want it for 360 and not PS3 just solder in a 360 pad instead of having it for PS3.

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get a custom then.

how would 8 buttons on a 360 stick work anyways?

and learn the new neo geo layout :slight_smile:



the FS3 doesn’t work for PC =(


well the 360 has 8 buttons…


urr, those yucky analog triggers don’t count. Maybe I’m still missing something, I don’t own a 360.


You know, I never understood the need for two rows of four buttons in a fighting stick, since the most buttons I’ve seen a fighting game use is six. Yes, the older Neo Geo button layout was a four button near-horizontal layout, but you can achieve that style with six buttons if you have a Japan button layout.

To each their own, I suppose.


I follow all those steps installing, but I get a message saying the driver is incomplete and it won’t work.


same. I opened the fsfilter.sys in a hex editor and it tries to reference a file which the person who wrote the driver apparently forgot to include. I’ve PM’d him to tell him this, but he hasn’t responded yet.

Edit: this is the guy in case anyone is interested


wait, so the analog triggers would be unable to be used on a stick? noooooooooooooo


its not a problem to replace the triggers with buttons


this what i finished off the other day.


You have two options, you can convert the analog buttons to on/off states, or you can steal the z-axis from the analog sticks - that maybe easier, but since I dont’ actually own a 360 I don’t know how the configs will feel about it.

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I like, but i still hope hori or someone comes out with one with an 8 button layout :rofl: