Are there any Converters from PS3/PS4 to XBOX360 on the market?

I have SFII on the XB360 and sometimes some friends/relatives come over and we play pad SFII from time to time but I’m just wondering since I want to make my own arcade stick and don’t really want to spend $95 on a Brook Universal PCB, do XBOX360 converters still exist?

I can’t find PS3/PS4 to 360 but I can find 360 to PS3/PS4.

Saw it in the list, I didn’t see it wasnt a hyperlink. Sorry.

If I find anything else I will reply back

I recall Brook did make a PS4/PS3 to 360 adapter that was a limited run for the MvC3U circuit a few years back. It was white and was even given out last E3. I want an adapter myself so I can use a Dualshock 4 on Windows Xp via X-Input without third party drivers.

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