Are there any fighters that use more than 6 buttons?

I’m building a stick and I only want 6 buttons instead of 8. So I got to wondering if there were any fighters that use more than 6 buttons to play.

I think Atari Jaguar fighting games used a number pad!

I don’t know of any, but most SNK games play with 4 buttons in a row.

Not any fighter worth playing.

As far as I’m aware, American SNK layouts go:


While Japanese go:


So no need for 4 in a row.

notorious brand

Maybe you should make 8 holes just in case you change your mind later on. You can always pop in two button plugs instead of pushbuttons.

As already stated, nothing you will ever want to play uses more than six buttons. You will never not have enough buttons to play something with six. You would have to search haaaard for really obscure and terrible garbage to find a fighting game that uses more than six; if you actually manage to find one of these games you are better off plugging your trachea with the cartridge or slitting your wrists with the disc than you are trying to play it anyway.

Almost no arcade sticks are constructed with less than six action buttons. Only very specialty sticks (a stick build specifically for one and only one game) will ever have fewer than six. Six buttons is considered the common base.

Depending on the shape of your main button layout, some people like adding additional buttons around those ones to allow the re-creation of certain specific layouts for other games. The Stick template/Layout thread in Tech Talk has a fairly comprehensive list of what is used for other games.

In addition, some console tournaments do allow in-game macros to be used: as such, some players like to have extra buttons in their stick just for these. This tends to be controversial though.

Arcade layouts for fighting games have been recycling the same few variations for yeeears, so don’t worry about the future. If some time down the road some ridiculous company makes some ridiculous fighting game with lots of extra buttons that against all odds is actually good, you can always just drill the extra holes then.

A final note is that some people like having the extra buttons away from the main face buttons but elsewhere on the stick (like with Start and Select) just so you don’t lose that functionality for any menu stuff.

I’m pretty sure that’s just because most cabs only have 6 buttons (not 100% though), but you’re right in saying that you don’t need to have four buttons in a row.

Not sure I understand what you mean here, all the neo-geo cabinets I’ve seen use the:
config. Were there newer cabs for America that used diffrent?

Mortal Kombat Deception uses like, 7 buttons IIRC.

4 attacks, block, throw, weapon change.

If you’re a huge mortal kombat fan, and you gotta have a stick for it, then go for it.

And if you’re that big of an SNK fan, just buy one of these ugly things:

MK deadly allaince used 7 buttons, MK deception and armaggeddon used 8 buttons.

Good call, you got me. I don’t know my 3D MK games very well I guess, lol.

Yeah, the only 6+ button fighters I played in recent memory are the 3D MK games. 4 attack buttons, and the universal actions had their own buttons, not button combinations like LP + LK.

Didn’t Marvel Imperfect have like 7 buttons, with one of them as the attack button? Tho I don’t think you could use a stick to play it cuz it used analogue input, not 8-way directions.

You miiiiight want 8 face buttons for macros for tournaments that allow them.

On the PS3, Mortal Kombat Vs. DC and Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit both use 8 buttons.

Actually, among the other things Midway actually improved over the other 3D MK games is that it’s technically 6 buttons since the two grabs can be done by pressing two buttons at the same time.

Fate/Stay Night from Frenchbread…oh wait…

Hmm weird. Over here KOF cabs are


It actually felt more comfortable than I thought it would, resting the pinky finger over the D button. Reminds me of Hori sticks’ layout somewhat…

And DBZ:Burst Limit uses 8 buttons. I never use my stick in that game though, despite it having 8 buttons…

What? Wouldn’t you get carpal tunnel that way?

Also, pinky button rules.

I don’t know, I hardly play on arcades anymore. But I love the pinky finger button lol