Are there any games thats supported up to 4 players?

I don’t think this is considered Rom talk, and wishes it doesn’t turn into it either, cause I don’t wanna be banned, ha.

Anyway, are there any games that you can have up to 4 players on Kaillera? Or does Kaillera only support up to 2 at a time for each game? I’m noob to this Kaillera scene, I apologize.

Mentions of game name is enough, thanks.

In the Mame game list, some things say “X players for kaillera”, check those out.
But there are some that “naturally” support 4 players, like the D&D games, Konami’s X-men (4p, 6player doesn’t work)

Here’s a few that people might play:
Bomberman /BMWorld
Captain Commando 4p hack
Capcom Dungeons and Dragons games
Kizuna Encounter 4P hack (SNK fighter with tagging)
Numerous KoF versions have a 6 player hack
The ever popular MvC/XvSF/MSHvsSF 4players
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Turtles in Time
Konami’s X-men

edit: you can also have numerous people in a 2 player game, and rotate players in and out with F5, that’s probably not what you had in mind though.

Aliens vs. motherfucking Predators. Best co-op four player game ever.

i thought AVP was 3 players only?

No, it was four.

Oh interesting, thanks for the help guys.

MvC has a 4 player version too.