Are there any good/interesting sites to read?

Most of what I read is video game related or a news site, but I’m kind of bored with that… any other than that any suggestions. -This one is like a [media=youtube]Ts-i3D8GNuw"[/media], once you end up here, you dont come back out

Sadly this is all I’ve got other than SRK, I love you niggas… slight homo:bluu:
(self explanatory)
(interesting thread about the Hulk VS basically every hero you can ever think of)
(stuff about swords, historical combat, etc, not for weeaboos, the truth will fry their minds)

(lots of articles about busting fake martials arts masters, exposing frauds, etv)
(beer database)

Funny and interesting articles

here’s my account


I had no idea weeaboo was actually used for something. Originally read it in PBF and thought it was just a made up word…

If you’re using firefox, i strongly suggest using Stumbled Upon. It’d a browser attachment that will take you to a random website based on your checked interests. I have so many amazing sites that i would have never thought to have looked for otherwise. Countless hours have been lost just stumbling. lol

Wow. zombiehiphop is right, 2 things given to me by stumble upon already: and

Good stuff man.