Are there any good PS > Saturn adapters?

I finally picked up a Saturn again today after debating on it for the past two years. I have been able to track down of the games that I wanted, but I have not been able to track down a PS > Saturn controller adapter. I have no issues with the standard SS pad, but I would really like to use my HRAPs. Any ideas?

I found a link for this one in another thread:

Is it worthwhile? It’s only $3.00, so it won’t break the bank to give it a whirl.

That’s actually for Saturn to PS2.

This, right?


they made an adapter to use a Saturn pad with the playstation? Has anyone tried this thing?

That second one actually looks like a elecom converter with a saturn end on it instead of a usb. Might have to look around here for one.

That adapter was first brought up in that thread not long ago about the $3.99 Saturn Pads and someone bought it and I think said lagged badly. But for $3 what can you expect.

I found that one one at another site and it is also sold out there. From another post I guess that it isn’t too bad, since it lagged badly.

Holy crap, I paid $20 for this at Otakon 2003 and it was the only one left. Talking about rarer than rare man. Shame it only worked at PS1 mode, at least the SNES pads was great for the NES emulator for PSone.