Are there any good ps2 to x360 adapters out there?

Hey, I was just wondering if there were any good ps2 to xbox 360 adapters out there? All my sticks are for ps2 and when ST HD comes out for the 360, I would need a stick to play on it. Thanks.

That’s STILL the only one?!?!? Man, someone needs to step there game up and get another one on the market.

To answer your question NO…

FYI the XFPS blows.

It does not disengage the Directional input on Non- DS PS2 controllers. Meaning If you Press the LEVER forward and return it to neutral, it acts as if the controller is still pressed forward. So your character will keep walking forward. Only when you press another input does it stop walking forward.

For what is it worth, DGV and Myself have spent hours looking for a good converter. Your only option is to have a custom built stick or use one of the Hori Sticks (DOA, etc).

Your better off getting a custom built stick. In the end it will be a little more expensive than trying the XFPS but at leat it will work.

Custom Stick ~ $150

XFPS + Wired XBOX controler (you need one for it to work) + Shipping= 70 + 35+ 20 = $125

Come to think of it, laugh’s PSX->Neogeo/Supergun chip could be used with my analolg switch chips and a sacrificed xbox360 controller to make a PSX->360 adapter. It’d be hella spendy though, or at least a ton of work, but it is possible.

Do it man! I’d buy one! :lovin:

It’s laugh’s chip and code.
Using the analog chips is easy, and he’s a smart guy. If he doesnt already know how to use them he can use the info I put up in the padhacking thread or I can help explain.

But I think you’re missing the ‘spendy’ part. :slight_smile: I mean as in it’d be a big honking project box prolly cost somewhere int he area of $150-$250. sacrifice xbox360 controllers aint cheap.

$150 I’d do. Come on dude, if it is for SF. DO you really think I have a price limit…LOL

However, I would need see a working product first.

Which probably presents a problem.

Someones not going to work for free, and I would not put money down for a product that might not work.

Either way, the bigger picture is well recieved. Probably not going to happen. (thanks for the input + rep)