Are there any good Q players

I think Q can be a good character in the right hands…his moves hit hard and i like when he stomps on ur face when he wins…thats wild…after somebody beats the crap out of u and they stomp on ur face…thats tellin somethin…they really didnt like u

Oh dude… do you know… that when he does that taunt… he rises his arms up… and stomps… and then the whole screen shakes!.. That means he is… STRONG…!

Seriously, learn to navigate through the forums before posting anything utterly useless post. See the “Showing threads 1 to 1 of 1, sorted by [PULL DOWN MENU] in [PULL DOWN MENU] ofder, from [PULL DOWN MENU]” ? Yes, use the last pull down menu to click on “the beginning” to see all the posts in Q thread. Now, don’t post anything stupid until you’ve spent some time in the forums.

For the subject, japanese player TK plays godly Q. See this link:

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don’t flame the poor guy… he’s just looking for some good Q players.

auron, Evil-Q is a good Q player. he’s a friend of Evil-Ken

To be serious, best Q is prolly TK from Japan. Consistently does well in major tournies with him.

Riki used to be hella good too (he was on the 3s team in the US vs. Japan thing back in 2000, went undefeated vs. us), but I dunno if he’s been playing recently or what.

There are some other solid Qs in Japan too, he’s more popular than you would expect.

As for American Qs, I admittedly don’t know much…gunjack_fever from Maryland is by far the best I’ve seen/played against.


gunjack scares the crap out of me when i play vs him :frowning:

FAQ and Kyo are also very good Q players from Japan. I’ve seen vids of a scary Japanese light blue Q but do not know his name. He was beating very good Kens and Makotos like they were nothing. There’s also that Q player who was able to beat RX several times in a row in UDLab vids, I forget his name.

Wasn’t Q vs Urien one of the hardest matches in the game? and yet that player managed to beat one of the best Uriens?

I really need to see those vids! :eek:

i think that was riki, but im not sure cuz i remember dling it from a site that had names of the ppl playing, and that there were alot of rx’s matches

The Q player beating RX was Kuroda.

Kuroda is strong!