Are there any good Yang players

Yo i know good and will that there are alot of you who play as yang out there. there are alot of combos you can do but the thing is with me is i change the system of the game and how you play it

I thought people in Baltimore spoke english?

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Ryu beat all old or new he is best man. ryu fuck yang and yang go back to butt rape yun silly.

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holy. that’s incoherence in a nutshell :lol:.


Ok ok you guys just like messing with me right? that’s messed up

No. They are being serious.

Read what you wrote. It is impossible to understand what you say without reading 20 times. Ever heard of comma, period and other punctuation elements? Use them.

Agreed. I understood the topic and your second post. :pleased: (sort of) I’m not sure if it’s, “you guys just like messing with me right?” as in enjoying or using “like” as a filler :confused:

I think that’s what he meant to say. Now to answer, i heard of a guy name Gee-O, i heard he retired though. Another good player in Japan is Goemon, he has some sick crossup/mixups.

I have never seen any of his match but some ppl say Boss have the best Yang in japan

K.O.'s yang isn’t shabby.

only boss footage i’ve seen are coop cup and sbo

don’t forget about roshihikari also. another great yang and RX’s partner in crime.

roshi is automatically cool cause he plays grey yang like me plus he plays sa3 and wins

damn roshi is nasty its like hes so casual then dude is stunned

  1. Boss
  2. Roshihikari
  3. Goemon
  4. Sekido


Any one knows were I can find some of Boss match videos?