Are there any goods vid of Rock, Geese & Kyo vids (K or N groove vids)


I have seen some a long time ago and I am trying to find some of that team

I mean A groove with the above three and not N groove


some vids of me here:

also search youtube for nitto or otk


not sure if im spelling this write but desigitsune is basically the new age otk he uses k hibiki rock and kyo and as far as geese goes ill suggest nitto


Thanks guys I mean hell even 2 out of the three is good and thanks


dari has a pretty sick geese, but he uses him in C groove

leezy has a pretty good k-rock.



need i say more…?


Gao also has a pretty sick Geese and Rock(and Nako!).

Other than that, theres not many who use those people in N Groove…i can remember only a handful times seeing them in there but it wasnt anything better than what they can do in K Groove.


Ichi uses N-Kyo sometimes.


I hope someone does give me that JPN players name who I have seen use A groove Geese & Rock and I swear even Kyo




THATS the guy BUT only one vid of him I can find ?



kisshi for a-kyo
ao for k-kyo
combofiend for a-rock


Try kichinii


Thanks for that man


i’ve never seen a good a-rock, but i’ve heard rumors…

i’ll have to check this combofiend business out,


His A-Rock was good. Hella old, though…like the last time I remember playing him when he played A was 2004.


He used his A-groove team at Evo2k5 iirc. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen vids of him vs Nuki/Mago from Evo2k5 final 8 on YouTube.
Also, I remember somebody mentioned he beat Daigo at Evo2k6 with his A-groove team.


He played A-Groove again at that one east coast major… check skisonic’s u2b page.


He didn’t use his old A-team though. He picked A only to counter P-Groove. A-Akuma/Vega/Rolento