Are there any gouken/SSF youtube channels?



To be honest, it’s hard to find recent SSF4 youtube videos, especially gouken ones. Any suggestions?


Shameless plug:

I’m a bit quiet now with XBL running out and busy hunting for a new place to live, but if the 2012 patch hits PC I might get back on with tiny ones untill the move is completed. So not dead, just slightly shortterm comatose.


Yogaflame24 has a Bullcat playlist but the most recent replay is from a month ago


this channel is good:


I will be starting up a SSF4 channel in the coming days.
I play Gouken and am preparing an in-depth guide to playing him, as well as, showcasing high ranked Online Matches.

I will be playing it by ear also, taking requests(such as: learning new characters, Community Challenges)etc…

Should be Fun, when i’ve got everything up and running.


Although it’s probably dead now, i’d like to chime in for any future people that i’ve setup my gaming channel now.
I play a variety of games, one of which is Street Fighter as Gouken.


I just want to say thanks for the videos. Lots of nice knowledge being dropped.


I would love too see more on gouken mate . Look forward to the guide


Thanks for the support there, I’m back on track with my Gouken Guide.
I just gotta make sure it’s all correct, organised and i dont forget anything.

Thanks again for the support


This stuff is high level gold. Do not neglect it.


I have one buy I haven’t uploaded a video in so long. My yt is MYXEDNUTTZ


Found another good channel showing off and explaining some great tech. (Japanese again)


Hey everyone,
Anyone here going to Evo2012 then? Who’s representing us Goukens?
I’m not, unfortunately, But I’d love to go and record my experiences, perhaps next year. Is recording allowed? (They might have rights to it or whatever.)

Anyway Only 2 days left until it starts, think we’ll see many/any Goukens on the Streams?


I’m at EVO this year. :slight_smile:

Infiltration plays Gouken, he used him at SoCal regionals. Check out his match against PRBalrog. He might be on stream with him.

I’m hoping to do well, at the least in my pool, but I do like to keep a level of humility. :slight_smile: also, if you so choose.


JG veloc1raptor was at evo. Saw him during pool day against fuudo. Did decently but lost :frowning: GG though


Yeah I saw it too, Fei’s always a toughy without it being Fuudo.
He was doing an excellent job of st.HP’ing as an AA but apart from that, he seemed a little unsure what else to do, which is obviously understandable.

Forgetting that I’m in no way entitled to tell him how to play because he got there and I didn’t.
I would have liked to see more DF’s to pressure, Dive Kick / Parry would be a great way to open up Fei right?
You can’t really footsie Fei long.

It did seem like Fuudo was just sitting there moving closer every now and then, waiting for a fireball I imagine to chicken wing.
And GOD do I know that feeling!


I played against a friend of raptor’s who plays with him on a constant basis: I know him by his real name now but not his handle so I don’t want to release that info here. He’s a Ryu player, and being able to play against someone who has such great footsies and knows the Gouken matchup well really helps to drill some solid gameplay into your system.

Also, as I know some were interested as to whether a Gouken player was going to Evo, here are the results from my pool. I was one away from making it out of qualifiers. :frowning:

Next year I’m definitely going to make it out. Gouken’s gonna get the respect he deserves!


dude you did well. I want to see some of your footage haha. What chars did you face


Thanks man! I lost to a Fuerte and the Guy player, nice1, eliminated me. Other than that I faced a Honda player, a Cody player, then someone who thought he was counter-picking me by playing first Oni and then Seth (it was pretty laughable when he got salty because I beat him 2-0. Seth is NOT a counter pick to Gouken. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise). I can’t remember the character choice of the person I played against before my final match (Ken maybe?). Final was the guy player.

A friend of mine recorded all of the matches on his iPad. If I can get them off of his iPad, I’ll upload them to my YouTube channel. I don’t even remember the details of my fights offhand. I was so focused! Lol


What level do you think people were playing at, I’m just wondering whether there’s a lot of ‘fodder’ or whether they were all pretty tough!
Ha, I guess it’d get harder and harder as you win of course.

Yeah, Seth’s not a counter to Gouken haha!

You going next year?
You went with friends?
Where’d you stay caesar?

I bombard you with questions because I want to go next year but I’m never been abroad EVER, let alone to las vegas + timely competition.
(Feel free to message me personally with those answers if you think there not quite relevant here.)