Are there any guides to making a stick out of a wired 360 controller


Any help would be greatly appreciated

Sorry if there is another topic like this


Depends on what you’re exactly looking for. If you’re looking to scratchbuild, it can run you quite a bit to gather everything necessary. You have one thing needed of a stick; the board. You’ll still need: A case, pushbuttons, joystick, restrictor plate, balltop, art (if desired), wire, solder, and maybe a few other assembly items.

Really, if you’re not up for a scratchbuild, I’d suggest looking into a SE/TE, though the SE’s stock parts leave a lot to be desired. Costwise, it could save you some money in the long run if you’re just looking to just play on a joystick.



I’ve got the case already made, i just need to do the soldering and wiring, is this bit easy to do? or will it take some time to learn how to do it?


Joystick Controller - PCB and Wiring


Do you think i would be able to extract the PCB and Wirings from a Hori EX2 and put in my new case?


If you want to.
The stuff do not need to be in EX2 Case to work.


what he said.
But your still looking at quite a bit of money


If i were to use the EX2 insides, will i still need to solder anything?


Solder wires for Buttons and Joystick.


There is no escape from having to solder a pcb for a custom 360 stick, unless you get a the insides of a madcatz TE/SE stick, but still, even then you have to solder for the guide button.

Be aware that the EX2 PCB is not common ground so instead of daisy chaining the ground wire, you will need to have 2 distinct connections to the pcb per button and joystick direction. Also if you use a JLF it will require hacking the joystick board because a JLF by default needs a common ground to work, a Seimitsu LS-32 (and not a LS-32-01) will be easier to hook up to that particular pcb.