Are there any high level pad players in KOF?


With the recent hard ons people have been getting about seeing Inthul and his pad played Fei Long, I was wondering if there are any high level players who play KOF on a pad.

Or do the different levels on jumping making it hard to play high level pad KOF?


DG plays on some old ass pad he swears is amazing (seen it irl), other than him though everyone I’ve seen play plays on stick


There are a few who are interchangable Cibernetico actually, Kane9999 can play on pad if he needs be, and there are others I am discovering that play on pad.

I swear for the longest time I for sure didn’t mind that I played on pad because there were always those people that kept saying a “Pad player would never win a Major”, and the only way to be of importance is using a stick. So I swore up and down I would become a poster child for Pad Warriors a long time ago lol, to show people that it doesn’t matter WHAT you play on, be it pad or stick, it’s about skill. What gets me is the people that think because they use a stick they are automatically going to win, boy I THOROUGHLY enjoy WHOOPING people like that. Respect me, and I will respect you, if I DARE see you take me for granted because I am using a pad, I will use that as motivation against you in a tournament, and I assure you, a chip on my shoulder in a tournament is very dangerous! Instead of just playing to win, I will play to annihilate, with the goal being a perfect every match!

Jeremy- I dont use the Modified Saturn pad anymore, became too much of a hassle to continuously maintain. I still say even though it’s practically obsolete, it is the best pad for fighting games hands down.


Word I’ve been thinking about a stick but for real I can do all I need on my fightpad. Outside of 720’s that is…


I buffer 720s in other specials, normals, commands to get around that myth that it’s “easier” to do 720s or 360s on a stick, I can buffer it just fine on my controller, just gotta find ways to do it, but you can do it! You may have to divide the buffers up, like a 360 here, half one there etc, then hitconfirm while you are at it…those are some tricks I use in the SNK games personally to get 720s and stuff like that.


DG have you ever considered picking up the stick? I mean, surely you know what it’s like to be benched when the dudes you’re playing with are on the cabs. The transition shouldn’t be too difficult.


I can actually play on the cab, I do it in Mexico when we go to the arcades, but without question I prefer the pad, I do not like the noises sticks make, and I use that to my opponent’s DISADVANTAGE, I can read noises from sticks, buttons, mashing etc, and yes even if they are gonna try to fake me with noises and stuff I can tell, my pad is silent, you cannot here when I am doing nearly anything, so that is an advantage I have with my pad.


I use a pad on GGPO. I’m not really considered high level but I certainly win more than I lose lol. Honestly I prefer a stick, pads are ok and work well but it’s hard to go neutral on a pad in a game where a lot of shit is going on and you have to move quickly. I don’t mind the noise of sticks they really aren’t that loud. Also to note Sanwa makes noiseless buttons and such. I don’t feel like tapping buttons throws anyone off, if you just pay attention to what’s going on you’ll be alright.


Comfort is far more important than any other consideration when picking a controller.




I assume that you’re using a PS2 pad now?




you get sores playing with ps2 pads


Not really, use to it…


I’ve been using PS2 pad since 07 and never had sores.


I put the middle of my thumb, under the joint, centered on the d-pad and pretty much just pivot from there. Due to that, I prefer using PS2/3 pads for when I want faster directional inputs. I just use my stick for games in which I need more accurate inputs such as ST, but otherwise I just stick with a pad. No sores, just tough skin.

I’m just a nobody though so whatever.


Only bitches get sores using a pad.

Than again, I’m a beast that has has his fingers tempered by years of using the Dreamcast default pad for SF and marvel.

Still, even with the DC pad I’ve never had sores, ever. And I started out as a stick player so I don’t see the problem.


lol pad players


I’m interchangeable. I use a stick for Blaze Blue( I’m a Carl Player), MK, and Street Fighter, but for KoF and Guilty Gear I use a pad because there just too fast for me on a stick. I think skill is what is the key in fighting games. Hell if for all we know some guy on a keyboard could win EVO… you never know.


Well I’ve won tournaments in EVO with a pad before so it’s possible…