Are there any joystick assemblies that don't click?

Are there any joystick assemblies that don’t click? It can get noisy when you play online and use your audio.

Optical Joysticks.

The Sanwa FLASH 1 or ASCII Optical.
Expect to pay $120 and more for those.

Can get a Happ Perfect 360.

First thing that comes to mind are leaf switch joysticks, those used in old-timey arcade machines like pacman. I used leaf-switch sticks on the first arcade controller I made since I didn’t want the clicking sound.

Cover your arcade stick with your snookey wookey blankey. It dampens the sound and you can also whack off and no one will know.

What…? Lol.

Have to get an optical of some sort, as jdm said, and all but the Happ Perfect 360 are discontinued.

Happ Joysticks are pretty quiet to me though, but they still click.
Well I don’t know about now, but the Cherry Microswitches that were used are quiet because of their low Operation Force.

Removing The Click From Cherry MicroSwitches And Get Better Response.

And like x24 said, the old school Leaf Switches are quiet too, they don’t click.
Maybe you can find some old Leaf Switch Joysticks from Wico on eBay.

yeap…sticks with leafswitches are quiet… AFAIK

such as the Asahi joystick:

but I think this joystick’s throwing distance is way too big…for my taste…

You know how the top clear layer is usually pleixglass or lexan? Instead, use sound proof glass. The problem is that you probably won’t find it in stores and you’ll probably have to layer it on pretty thick.

Snookey wookey blankey is the cheapest way to go tho. I use mine to cover my stick so chumps don’t see or hear my moves.