Are there any moves you cant safe jump?


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Actually the question is legit.

Any move that hits before frame 5 I think and is still invincible can’t be safe jumped.

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What do you mean? Like a Buffalo Headbutt?

if you’re getting hit on the way down its not really a safe jump. Kinda defeats the whole purpose.

this, safe jump requires a move that connects on 5th frame or later. So things like shoto’s srk(except ken’s EX) can’t be safe jumped, where as sagat’s TU can be safejumped.

wasn’t there a thread on exactly which moves can/can’t be safe jumped? Can’t find it with search option XD

Im the awful poster yet the OP puts no effort into this thread. He posted 5 letters. So you saying this isnt saying much at all.

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Don’t safe jump any shoto, sagat, blanka, gief, abel, dan, cammy, fei or seth. Rest to my knowledge is fine. (I say not blanka cause it’s too close to time sometimes with his f*cked up wakeup timing).

There’s a thread on here listing all the safe jumps. I can’t remember if it covers EX moves though.

what’s wrong with safe jumping sagat?

The question is in the title, does he need to repeat himself so he wont get called a idiot by some random douche ?

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I personally wouldn’t take the risk of timing my safe jump absolutely perfectly when any discrepancy will let a reversal TU fuck you up, especially later in the round. Risk/Reward is cool, but Sagat is just a scary guy.

He has a five frame uppercut. You can do it but don’t get mad if you mess up by 1 split second and get popped up into an ultra.

How about doing a search, this question has been asked enough times. Put some effort into a thread. You fucking people are lazy.

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There key to safe jumping is using guaranteed setups. Eg f.throw hold fwd+up, late fierce + possible option select. It’s character specific, but it reduces the probability of mistiming.


Found the thread:

A search feature is such a terrible thing to waste.

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