Are there any plans for online fighters PSP or DS? n/t

I don’t read gaming magazines anymore.

I’ll let you know <-- look into it
Hopefully a3 double upper will have ad-hoc so we can play this on x-link kai.

I’ve never even used a PSP, are there fighters that support Xlink Kai already? Darkstalkers?

Unfortunately Darkstalkers doesn’t work online :confused:
Games like Ridge Racer, Wipeout, Burnout, and others like untold legends work fine online. I had many fun sessions playing these games on Kai. I want more SRK peeps on Kai! Hopefully a3 will work online. But if it uses the same network code has Darkstalkers we’re screwed :[

I wish I could play any damn psp game with kai but there is always 0 users!
I wish they would make more with just straight freaking internet support, they did it with twisted metal black and it worked just fine, other then the fact that twisted metal sucks.

i think guilty gear for ds might be not sure though