Are there any plans to make a port of GGAC+ for today's consoles?


Has anyone heard of any possible ports of it to today’s consoles? Or are they completely done with the GG franchise and just focusing on their new ips?



["APA: Are there any plans to release Guilty Gear: Accent Core Plus on Xbox Box Live Arcade and PlayStation Network with online play?

Ishiwatari: It’s something we would like to do. If the fans’ voices are loud enough, we’ll do it."](


GGX3 is coming too! I’m expecting ASW to begin work on it as soon as they get done with the AH3 port. They did say they weren’t going to make another BB for “a while”.


Lol, so many people keep asking this question. Still, I wonder how Daisuke wants us to ‘voice’ our opinion? Because I’m pretty sure petitions are bound to fail…


Lordy, I can’t wait for that port to come to the XBLA.

and GGX3 would be a gift from the fighting Gods.


I agree with you on that one… I think more and more players are becoming fighting game collectors as opposed to fighting game players.


Someone correct me if I’m wrong but… isn’t it on the wii?

I’m pretty sure I have it.


It really sucks that Guilty Gear Reloaded isn’t compatible with the Xbox :frowning:

And if it’s really out for the Wii, that would be news to me. But thanks for that info!


Accent Core is indeed available for Wii, but it still doesn’t have netplay, so it’s kind of pointless…


Don’t hold your breathe, good fighting games don’t seem to be popular in America anymore.


Netplay is pointless to begin with


Pretty much.


I already collected AC+, I think it would be pretty cool to actually be able to play it.


signed :cool:


it isn’t? i thought #R was in that set of Xbox games they still sell on XBL

or did they stop selling it?