Are there any pro players that use SA1?

From what I gather, SA3 is better, but I really prefer SA1. Is it viable in tournament-level play, or should I just switch over to SA3? Furthermore, are there any great Ken players that use SA1? If so, could you link to some videos of SA1 in use? Thanks.

I personally feel any super art is tournament viable depending on whether or not you want to adjust to your super. I don’t think it’d be good to play with at ffa ranbats because spacing becomes a real issue there and you have to be pretty close to even connect that super with cr. forward. Thought there might be some random Ken with that ability. Maybe not recent but there are bound to be some old players that know how to use it.

Can’t link you myself, but I have nothing else to do here at work so I’m providing you with my 2 cents.

i dont use that super but the only advantage i would say it has over sa3 is maybe the anti air effect?

no pro players play SAI. Its just not as versitile as SAIII. I have never lost to a ken who plays saI. I have lost to kens who play SAII tho.

Nacchan used SA1 once back in the day (Gamer’s Vision RanBat Season 1)

2nd match.

Have fun.

I don’t know why you’re so hung up on a super that’s the exact same thing as SA3 with less range, less reversal potential, slightly more damage and fewer bars.
I “suppose” you could anti-air with it, but it’s crap damage for that much meter, and you might as well just use an EX shoryu.
At least with shit like hadou burst and shoryu cannon, the super actually works differently, so there’s actually room for argument.

I stick with SA2. Great anti air, invincible wake up, short bar. Takes off a huge chunk anytime anywhere, esp. when your opponent is crouching. The block damage is more (though 3 hits) although SA3 hits for 5 times when blocked.

Great way to escape Urien’s unblockable set up if you’ve no idea how to parry those thingies. On wake up, and if Urien is attacking, it’ll trade hits with Urien and take off 1/4 of his life bar.

Most supers are. Wake-up super and block damage are not good reasons to choose a super.
Anti-air is the only reason I can see for using SA2, and even then, why not just FP shoryu and then mix-up into SA3?

If you REALLY don’t want to use SA3, pick SA2. At least it can catch random pokes for big damage. But if you wanna win pick SA3.

SA3 can do the same thing from way further back though.

really? I know with SA2, someone can throw out a random c.MK or sweep and you can caught and outpriotize it in the middle of its active frames. I can’t say I can ever do that with SA3, but I don’t play Ken.

Mreh, depends on how you play Ken. I ain’t a pro, but I stay grounded and dash foreward(my parry skills are good enough to the point where I won’t get popped that much) and I usually go mp,fp, fp shoryu, and super cancel the first hit so I can catch em with SA2. Or I just do super cancel SA2. It depends on how good you are really.