Are there any pro players who play MUGEN?

I’ve been into MUGEN for about 4 years, now. And, I have yet to see any players on the level of Evo regulars. Are there any of you guys out there who play MUGEN, at all?

there are ppl that play it for shits and giggles but when u have shit liek ssj4 brolly in that game no. u cant play it for real.

I feel what you’re saying. But, what if it was a pretty balanced setup?

Can we get this locked before it gets trolled to all hell, or is it being left open so that it is trolled to hades?

MUGEN is not a game, it has no quality control or character balance. MUGEN provides for something closer to a fantasy dream battle dragon ball Z inspired orgy for people who can’t play actual fighting games. Since there is no defined space in MUGEN like there is a actual fighting game, there is no one character to pick up because any other person could have a random version of the character that gets fly/unfly, rocket punch and rocket tiger uppercut. So…no. There are some games that have been made with MUGEN like Saturday Morning Mayhem and The Black Heart. Check those out instead of bringing up that travesty again.

Damn, dude. Relax. It was a simple question.


No one takes Mugen seriously… but man some of the shit and videos are funny as hell. I admit I do have it and get good laughs from the crazy stuff but I’d never consider it competitive or deep.

dragonball z owns thanks seeya

Super Saiyan Jenna Jameson kicks Shin Dhalsim’s ass, I’d say its a 1-9 matchup, Daigo plays Mugen 24/7 bet you didnt see that coming.

mugen is like daigo’s hyperbolic time chamber

You know, the idea of customized AI is actually something that’s really neat though. Like, you could program a character to play like a certain player (obvious Daigo-style Ryu joke is obvious), or to react to certain setups in certain ways, etc., to help practice and stuff.

Of course, you could also use the Record feature in most modern fighters’ training modes.

Whatever. SSJ Superman FTW.

i remember there was one group of people that actually made a fairly balanced mugen. Can’t remember the characters that were in it but i’m pretty sure they weren’t sf characters or dbz characters.

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