Are there any replacement sticks for the perfect 360?

I have a Happ P360 that I tossed in my new stick I’m working on (Mayflash mod) and as much as I love the P360, I’d like to use a pretty blue ball top instead of the default one. Because the P360 stick is freakishly long (about 2.5" past the step down) none of the other sticks I’ve come across are long enough to reach the sensors and still be usable. Is there a threaded stick available that would approximate the dimensions of the P360’s stick? Preferably threaded the same as to fit the JLF tops, since I already have one here in mind to use.

P360 has groove for metal panel (2-8mm) and height battop is correct

Yes, but I don’t need the groove for metal panels, just the bottom one.

Alright, I tried to insert the smaller stick into the P360 shaft and I did almost a perfect job, but it’s still not quite right and it’s too hard to do diagonals - so I’m bumping this in hopes that someone might know of an appropriate stick shaft I can purchase.