Are there any shops in Japan to check out for parts?

I’m sending my wife to Japan for three months to visit friends and take an intensive language course. I can get parts through people like ponyboy and and probably will while she’s gone (shhhhh! If you don’t tell, I won’t.), but if she’s got the chance to pick up some stuff firsthand that I can put to use later (Got a cab sitting in the garage, old Centipede with metal CP, so I’m set for JP parts).

What I’d really like to know is if there any shops that she might be able to walk right into and grab parts from if she’s equipped with pics and part numbers, and what the prices are like direct, rather than having them bought by someone else and shipped direct to me.

Any help would be appreciated.

edit: I suppose I should mention that I’m in the States.


Tell her to go to Mak-Japan, close to the trainstation in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Thank you very much! I appreciate the help!

Edit: I didn’t even take notice of who had responded until after I’d replied. You’ve secured yourself an order in thanks in the near future.

I’m in Japan right now…

Ummm…I’m studying in central Tokyo right now and I know where Mak and Try are (stores that sell arcade parts). If you want, I can give your wife directions or something.


Mak-Japan in not near the Station…
She will have to walk for approx 15min on the main Street and take a small street on her left after she passes in front of a Doutor coffee shop.

Mak is on the 5th floor of the first building there. (you can actually see “MAK JAPAN ARCADE PARTS” from the other side of the main street on the building’s window)

Another “not so bad” shop is G-Front, which will be much easier to find.
Just walk the main street until you see a Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ on your left.
A few meters ahead, you shoud see un huge crossing and a green “G-Front” sign on the second floor of the building on the other side.


Red square is Mak and Green in G-Front!

Anyone know of any shops of the same sort in the Aomori-ken area? (hachinohe…morioka, hell, even sendai).

15min for me is not so much :).

Sorry, i’m a lazy fuck… :sweat:

Awesome. Thanks for the map and additional shop, Atryu.

i wish i could go to japan :sad: