Are there any stores or websites I can go to get a custom plexi glass cut out for my fightstick?

No one is selling the quanba q1 plexi anymore so i wanted to know if any stores made custom plexi cut outs.

Only place I am familiar with is
And it looks like they don’t support the Q1.

You can look for a shop that does laser cuts for plexies but they not specialize in arcade sticks and you have to provide your own template to cut the material, most likely in a CAD format that the CNC machine would accept.
Some shops are kind enough to make a CAD file for you for a extra charge. The cost though you are better off buying another arcade stick in a format Art Hobbies would support.

Pretty sure FA Plexiworks is coming back. Not sure if they’ll do Q1 stuff though. @jmanDMC ?

Like Darksakul mentioned you may want to go to a local place.

My friend had the similar issue (older joystick), but you know if go to yelp and look for a local acrylic shop, I’m sure they could do something for you. Might be a bit more expensive, but my friend was able to get something done for his joystick (had to leave it with them) and they custom cut plexi for him and cost him around $30/$35 if I remember correctly.

And if you still have an existing plexi (even if broken or cracked, or you want a different placement for the holes), you should definitely take that and let them see it.

Might be your best bet.

It is coming back. I apologize for the delay, but when the service relaunches Q1 v1 and v2 will be available along with artwork services.

I will have replacement units available as well, so if no customization is needed, FA would immediately ship those. as long as you can find the right template

I sent the original plexis for the Q1 (as well as some other sticks) to @arthong of Tek Innovations. Considering how busy he is there is no telling WHEN he’ll offer them, but it will eventually happen.