Are there any tips for fightpad players

i cant afford a joy stick so no i cant get one, but really is there anything that could make me better with it, i changed my control setting by switching my tripe punch button with my hp button so on combos and ultras i dont have to use my thumb and first finger to input wit timing

Use your thumb for the D-pad and act as if you’re fingers were on a tiny arcade stick, meaning use your pointer through your ring finger to manipulate the face buttons. Rest the controller on your lap to give you stability. I’ve been playing fighting games like this since my Genesis days. Works great when you can’t use a stick.

To be honest, pad and stick are two different play styles to me(be it d-pad or analog) and there are enough pad players out there to prove that you don’t need a stick to play at a competitive level. The only downfall of being a dedicated pad player now is the exclusitivity of AE. Almost everywhere around the world aside from Japan, SSFIV is played on console.

I decided to move on to stick because it was much more convenient because I attend local casuals more often so I could just plug and play. Even though I have 2 sticks, I won’t play my best at arcades because I play with Seimitsu LS-56 rather than the standard Sanwa JLF.

So in the end, I would really recommend you find a comfortable way to hold your pad and play with your own preference. I used to play on a PS3 pad and my button settings where “custom config” with the RB/R1 as mp and RT/R2 as mk. EX moves with performed with my thumb on the face button and index finger on one of the shoulder buttons, when I needed ultra, I would use the 3p/3k on the left shoulder buttons side. On a fightpad(Madcatz Fightpad or Hori Fighting Commander), I would probably have the same config(trigger buttons as my mid attacks with the end face buttons as 3p/3k) but that’s only because I’ve had that config since the SNES days.

I’ve been a dedicated FightPad player since SFIV was out. I had three, my first stayed with me for almost a year, then the D-pad started acting up so when I opened it, the buttons on the diagonal rubber were almost torn off, same with my second fightpad which stayed with me for a couple of months and the same exact thing happened. I tried using a stick but I decided not convert because of the level of competition there is, I couldn’t afford to level down and start losing cuz of switching to stick, so I bought a third fightpad. I instantly opened it up the first day to check the rubber this time, it was way thicker than my old pads, and after online research, it seems like the newer versions comes with thicker rubber, might feel stiff at first, but it seems durable.
What I mean is take care of your fightpad and don’t overuse it if you can’t afford buying another one. You can open it carefully and check your diagonal rubber under the D-pad, if its thick then your in luck.
That being said, fightpads has the best buttons ever that I never experienced in any other pad. The size of each button makes you able to perform any technique from Kara throwing to P-linking using only your thumb, even viper’s FFF and gen’s MK > hands are so smooth on Madcatz fightpads and easier than stick, atleast for me.

Sorry for that rant, anyways here are my tips. I think using the default button config is best for SSFIV, and don’t put your PPP on hp button, what if you want to throw out a heavy hadoken you gonna waste your EX. I think shoulder buttons works great for ultras/EX. To be honest I use my thumb to press Med+heavy buttons for EX moves such as akuma’s EX flip and other stuff. Shoulder buttons are part of your pad and button layout, don’t ignore them, use them just as stick players use all their 6 buttons. We pad players are allowed to use KKK and PPP, so why take out HP!, You might use HP more than PPP in a match. I don’t see how hard it is to do an ultra using the shoulder button, you’re only gonna do your ultra when the chance comes, just practice it and you’ll be ok, no need for button config.

^My thoughts exactly.
I’ve heard that MC Fightpads’ D-Pad do wear down overtime so it’s hard to avoid it, the Fighting Commander seems like either a better or just as good alternative for players who like the 6 face button layout…either that or as I mentioned, try the Playstation pad, a perfect pad for me is the original PS pad back in '94 without the analog with the Dual Shock 3 triggers(makes focus canceling easier).

thanks for the thoughts with changing back to the regular control fig but i play fei-long and cody , and the reason i mixed ppp with hp is becuase i do Alot of Ex moves with both, and it makes things hard when on one hand your thumb and first finger are trying to have great timing in tough situations

Whatever makes you feel comfortable~
Why lower your potential by using an uncomfortable configuration. I didn’t like the FC3 and Fightpad(the oversized face buttons felt weird) but my control config were below at the time of trial:

Despite Ibuki being my main, I didn’t like using the 3p/k button for anything other than ultra combos. It’s true, pad players atleast deserve to use the 3p/k button since it doesn’t work in their favor to press all three individual buttons as easily as a stick and I thought that tourney rules state that anything available in the menu config are fine.