Are there any top tier MVC2 teams that people aren't aware of?


Like for example Venom/Sentinel/Storm now why couldn’t say a Justin wong win with this team if this game were still being played at EVO?


If people aren’t aware of the teams, how could anyone tell you about a secret top tier team if no one knows about it?


Okay, is this a trick question? If nobody is aware of the team, how do we answer? I think no? OUCH MY BRAIN


this could be answered better on the mvc2 section


because Venom is terrible, probably worse then this thread.


As an assist venom is amazing at shutting down Sentinels air game. Do you even play MVC2?


Do you?

If his assist is that good, why have him on point? Why would you have Sentinel second, when the “DATS 90% WELCOME TO USA” DHC goes Storm to Sentinel?


Are you serious?


What happens if Sentinel flies back and also calls an anti-air assist?


Typical americans… all you guys are lazy and unwilling to try different teams, give it a try Venom/Sentinel/Storm that team is godlike iv’e been in the lab working on it.


You’re seriously saying that I’m unwilling to try different teams? I’m not saying you’re talking out of your ass, but your voice can clearly be heard coming from your pants.

Multiple excellent questions were raised:

  • If his assist is that good, why have him on point?
  • Why would you have Sentinel second, when the “DATS 90% WELCOME TO USA” DHC goes Storm to Sentinel?
  • What happens if Sentinel flies back and also calls an anti-air assist?

Anybody/Storm/Sent (note order) is decent, but not great. Everybody and their mother has tried that, plus or minus Cable instead of Storm. So, no, we’re not lazy, you’re just late to the party. The interesting Venom/Sabretooth teams are a little less lazy, and “we r venom”/seawang’s Korean Venom/ICantRemember/Thanos team is probably the least lazy these days.

It’s still a bad team, though. Jump back do anything beats it pretty badly and gets Storm and/or Sent beat up too. CoolBreeze’s Iceman/Storm/Sent works a liiiiiittle better since you can use iceball as a low risk air-to-ground attack, but you’re still gambling pretty hard that you hit the Iceman->Storm->Sent DHC.


Just to make things clear, Storm and Sentinel together make any team solid.

Venom is a character that needs to be on point to get the best results. Venom/Sentinel is great, however, you having Storm in the back is ass. I would rather have an anti-air assist or Tron, or hell, Doom’s rocks (which if I remember correctly was still an AAA) to back Venom and Sentinel up. So Venom/Sentinel/AAA

I would rather have the team you had in this order: Venom/Storm/Sentinel.

The reason I would do this is because if Venom happened to die, you got Storm/Sentinel, which is very much able to run it back against any team. Plus good DHCs wouldn’t hurt either.

Also, I find it retarded that you would call us typical Americans for calling a team ass. That team you have is ASSSSSS, in that order of course. No if, ands, or buts. Japanese players wouldn’t play that shit, and I’ve seen some really weird teams from them (Dhalsim/Hulk/Bison, Double Wolverine/Thanos) simply because that team is just out of whack composition wise.

Now, to answer the thread, Beats from Chicago had a couple godlike Anakaris teams (don’t remember off hand). Also, team Gentlemen was sick and a perfect machine (Magneto/Ironman/Doom). Team Z was pretty sick (Juggernaut/Tron/Doom). Dao’s team was absolutely sick (Juggernaut/BBHood/OmegaRed), and quite frankly, Juggernaut/BBHood were a good duo for all.

EDIT: Preppy unwilling to try different teams? Lol. He was beating my ass with Amingo/Thanos/Jin a couple years ago when MVC2 came out on XBL. Preppy was also playing Megaman, a character you never ever see.


Venom/sent/doom brings the salt against scrubs. venom fang plus rocks then walk up throw=LOL


Im saying Venom is an underrated character when with Storm and Sentinel you can use him effectively even in a tournament.


Man i’ve been wanting to setup a Venom team for awhile. Remeber some guy from Silver Coin back in the day would tear things up a bit with him way the fuck back.


Actually, that’s not what you said. You might want to edit your post to make it look like that’s what you said. You agreeing with yourself seems more logical than what you’re doing now.

You’re also too lazy to answer the questions posed which kinda already answered your question.

Beats is top tier with Anakaris: if he hits you once, you’re done.

  • [media=youtube]YNfBQGLIABY[/media]
    (among others).


Okay so if your telling me that Venom/Sentinel/Storm in the hands of a justin wong or a person that knows the game inside and out wouldn’t wreck than your crazy.


Man, and I thought my year (09) was bad.

Honestly though, people have been playing MvC2 for 10+ years. I think the folks in this thread know a thing or two about this game. So when people say Venom is bad, I think it is safe to say that it is the truth.


No they just havent experimented with everything that Venom is Capable of with Sentinel and Storm so go back to playing SF4 Scrub.


You’re not giving any counter arguments, other than “HE’S REALLY GOOD”