Are there any umvc3 tournaments or streams near virginia beach, virginia


I’m a big umvc3 player and i really want to go up to some challenges. can any one help me out?


There is a weekly tournament at Replays featuring AE2012, KOFXIII, and UMVC3 (If there is enough interest). There’s always at least one or 2 casual setups if there’s no tourney. It would be nice to get more Marvel heads out there.

2093 General Booth Blvd # 104 Virginia Beach

Also, there is Atomic Comics on Saturdays, a weekly in Newport News where Marvel is explicitly played. Last week, there was a stream:

Atomic Comics
452 Denbigh Blvd Ste C Newport News, VA 23608

Last, there’s City Sound Media, a big tournament for the Hampton Roads area coming up within the next 2 months. For information on this, the events above, and more, join THIS, if you’re not already in it. This area hardly uses the forums anymore.

Williamsburg VA