Are there any weekly weekend events here in Orange County, CA?

I know about fight night at D&B at the block in Orange, but I’m still a minor you see and I wanna know if there are places in like garden grove that have events like that. fight night was only on Wednesdays and those were school nights for me at the time. I’m really sick of playing online and I’m sure a lot of you know why.

Just head down to Alex’s Arcade theres competition of all levels all day everyday.

Alex? I’m not familiar with it. Care to fill me in? :smiley:

Oh… I was kinda intending to go to a place that kinda gets PS3/360 players together and play them on the systems. I don’t really have money to spend on arcades :expressionless:

level up live is gone from Dave and Busters.

its in inglewood at hollywood park at casino… same deal, need 21+ prolly

Alex’s is a great place to check out and play at. Located on Harbor and McFadden in Santa Ana.
If you don’t have much money to spend, that’s cool, it costs just $.25 to play. Meaning you could play for hours, if you don’t leave the skills at home.

Unless I’m there!!!

Kidding, if you’re in the OC check out Alex Arcade for some decent competition. Players comes and go, but if you post early on the Alex Arcade thread then I’m sure people will come.

So no SSF4 around Garden Grove/Anaheim? I was thinking since I couldn’t find these events near my area then perhaps I could start one myself. But I don’t have many friends to get this going or a place to do it :|.

Go to Alex’s man. It’s a great place for fighting games. Especially for SSF4/SF4 and Marvel. But I’m sad no one plays 3S there. So no one plays 3S in the OC? What’s up with that?

I only play sometimes, like earlier today.

If you get lucky you might see Michael there, cause he’s always down for 3s.