Are there any youtube videos on how to change the SE artwork?

I just bought a brawlstick and the artwork is embarrassing, i need to change it ASAP. Are there any youtube tutorials on how to change it? Tbh i’m bad at reading so a wall a text is useless to me…

How to Mod Your SFIV/TvC/Brawl SE FightStick FAQ
How To: Add Custom Art to Your SE FightStick

lol, i don’t think there are any videos, this wall of text has lotsa pictures though :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably the only time a video of DSP will be linked to for teaching.

wow…just skimmed through that video…the dialog is hella annoying and i can’t believe the guy had trouble ripping off the art…

It’s true, this video is probably best watched with the sound off.

I second this suggestion…lol…