Are there good multi-console sticks? (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PC?)

I’ve got a couple Hori sticks (1 for my 360 and another for my PS2) and have been planning on getting a nice custom made stick. The issue is that I would like it to be able to work on multiple consoles. I don’t normally see this kind of setup. I’m guessing it’s maybe a difficult thing to build? Do any companies, or any custom makers, make really nice sticks that would work for 360 and say PS3 as well as PS2 (PC would be nice too just to cover all the bases)?

well xbox and ps3 sticks both work for pc

get a custom stick made for both 360 and PS2 and get an adapter to use it on PS3. ask some of the custom stick builders for a quote.

Thanks! This is exactly what I would want. I’m also asking about smooth moving joystick components vs. the “clicky” sounding ones that are in my Hori sticks (I can’t stand them).