Are there knock-offs floating around out there of the Madcatz Tournament Edition Fightsticks?

So I was looking to buy a Tournament edition stick and in checking out the ebay completed listings I noticed a lot of TE sticks shipping out of Hong Kong finishing for ~$78 with free shipping.

Are these fake sticks or has the price for TE sticks dropped drastically?

I’ve tried to google for an answer without much success.

I’m looking to pickup a PS3 TE stick in the next couple of hours from some guy off of craigslist for $100… is this a fair price now or should I ask for less?

ps3 seems to be the key there. i can find ps3 all day long for cheap. xbox360 is inflated. $200-$800+ for a $140 stick. and the reason is 360 to duel mod is cheap. were PS3 is a bitch due to Microshaft.

The price people will pay for that crappy headset jack and green LEDs is astounding. Either that, or they’re much more desperate to use something other than the 360 D-pad. The PDP TE is much easier to find for PS3 at a reasonable price than the 360 version, as well.

I think the reason for the 360 inflation price is due to its ease of dual mod.

I disagree, it more than the stock Microsoft Xbox 360 controller is complete and utter garbage.

And I do not just mean the d-pad ether, I hate the X-guide button, the triggers, the off set analog, the unbalanced weight. The 4 face buttons are too round. The Stupid connector for charging.
If I could find a controller just like the Sony Dual-Shock Controller for the 360, on man I would be set

For most people its the unholy D-pad.

This and the extra PCB in it.

I would hope they’re not knock-offs, I just picked one up on ebay for the price you mentioned and shipping from Hong Kong as well. If the listing states that the product is manufactured by Madcatz and it end up being a knock-off, that’s considered fraud.

I highly doubt they aren’t official Madcatz models, but as soon as mine comes in I’ll let you know.

I was a winner of one of those auctions for a used SFIV TE stick for PS3 for $69.50 and the guy has not answered any of my messages. I sent messages several times and even resorted to using a translator to write him a message in Mandarin, and still no luck. If you look at that guy’s feedback, it is not looking good. I think I my have to file a complaint to get my money back…

Did you receive any messages back from him?

Not every one in China speaks Mandarin, the other big language over there is Cantonese, there also like a thousand little “village” languages but those are obscure and found mostly in rural areas.

Not only that, but I heard about a survey that discovered less than half of China’s population actually speaks Mandarin. I’m not sure how accurate it is (it’s hard to get a sufficient sized study group in a communist nation with a population of 1 billion), but assuming someone in China speaks proficient mandarin is like assuming someone in Europe speaks proficient English.

I believe he was talking about how easier it is to dual mod a Xbox 360 TE than a PS3 TE…

Thanks for the tip. I sent him a message in Cantonese as well hopefully he answers

Just an update, I received this email to eBay this morning:

The listing was removed, and I had already paid for the item. I just opened my claim, and if eBay can’t get in contact with this guy, then I should be getting a refund. I suggest anyone else that dealt with this guy do the same.

eBay handle: elitesunsun

Well in real life I know one guy with a PS3, and about 10 of us with 360’s. If that is any indication of actual sales across the board, then that would be a factor as well.

I wanna just say for the record that written Chinese is the same no matter what dialect you speak.

Also, online translators, even Google’s (which is pretty good) are horrendous for any East Asian language.

Also, $100 is a fair price for a TE. Slightly high if it’s round 1/2, but only by maybe $10~ dollars or so.

uhh… from.

I doubt by our selves, SRK members inflate the cost of the TE. Keep in mind M$ controlls the supply of their encoder chips, and anyone that wants to make a Xbox 360 controller needs one of M$ chips (PS360 and Paewang do not apply). Also the makers of Xbox 360 controllers have to abide by M$ scheme, button color choices as well as that retarded USB cable with the quick disconnect. To me the disconnect is fine, the rest of the cable is pure crap, they break too easily.

Why I call the xbox 360 usb cables crap, ask any modder that has to do repairs on other peoples sticks, especially at events like Revelations and Evo.
People wrap there cables the wrong way or use the cable storage compartment and get breaks or shortages in their USB cable.

As you know Darksakul, I am well known Modder of SRK.
I have never came across a bad Xbox 360 USB.

All the bad ones I encountered at PlayStation 3 TE and any HORI USB.
When I was at ReveLAUGHtions; HORI and PlayStation 3.

Doing a lot of mods, the PlayStation 3 TE for me, does not plug into USB slot securely.
Doing a lot of mods, I see the PlayStation 3 TE USB have a lot of play.
The Xbox 360 USB is more better, looseness.

This isn’t really true. They all speak chinese it’s just different dialects. Mandarin is the official dialect which everyone is supposed to know but you can still understand other dialects fairly well if you’re fluent. Every region has their own dialect with some that are pretty out there but they’re all still of the chinese language. Thus, written words are the exact same (beyond traditional and simplified) so there shouldn’t be any miscommunication through text.