Are there more / better players on Xbox live?


Thinking about buying an Xbox, I only have a few questions about the FGC on Xbox live.

1- Are there more players ( europe ) on xbox live ?
2- Are they more skilled ? are the best players playing on Xbox or PSN ?

  1. Probably - Xbox is cheaper;
  2. There are players of a high enough skill level on both formats, assuming you’re not Infiltration.


I played Xbox version for a fair while in Europe before it red ringed so…

The skill distribution is probably around the same. That is, there’s a group of extremely good players, and a group of extremely bad (new) players, with the rest inbetween - for both systems. The only difference is that Xbox version simply has more numbers. Not to mention, I’ve played a bunch of Xbox & PS3 players who also bought the PC version to play occasionally. I met a 0pp Gen yesterday who was probably the best I’ve ever seen, who said he is a heavy PS3 player, but is apparently annoyed with its input lag.


In the US (never played XBL in europe, only PSN) XBL tends to have better competetion than PS3 for both AE2012 and SFxT. However, the vast majority of players on both consoles are complete crap. You can get a good 80%+ win rate without really having to think. Most people will wakeup reversal every time, jump like idiots, get baited on pokes, and not block trying to mash crouch tech to prevent the throw and end up taking the counterhit combo that does waaaaay more damage.


Xbox by far. European top players such as gagapa, f word, starnab are on xbl. I don’t know of any tourney lvl player that plays on PSN. The skill level is IMO noticeably higher on xbl even against randoms.


There’s more players, and higher-level skills players, on Xbox in general. Of course you might have to grind many matches before you build up enough points to be able to play the higher skilled players, so there’s that to consider. Plenty of scrubs that you’ll have to run a train on before you get to the better players.


XBL has the best players and it magically speeds up your internet connection and there is never any lag and Gootecks and Mike Ross will feature you in excellent adventures.

Finding top players more depends on where you live rather than what console you use. Do some research on your scene.


I play AE on Live in Europe, and any random night you can find like 8 waiting matches on Ranked. I tend to host them now, and players join very quick. Lot of boring shoto players never coming forwards, but that’s generally the way the game is, with some truly horrible match-ups (I mainly play Hawk or Chun though). I meet plenty of really strong Cody, Sakura, Dudley etc. players as well. Not so many Blanka or Ibuki players now, like there were last year. Mic chat is good for parties on Endless as well. I get mainly green bars on a wired 10 meg up, 1 meg down line. Remember, people pay to be on Live, and it costs to change your GamerTag, so this may cut down some of the nonsense, trolling, cheating etc., but not always :xeye:


Nuckledudu who has beaten Dieminion several times IIRC plays on PSN.
Mosh plays on PSN as well who has beaten Wolfkrone and Sabin several times.
Ixion who is 1 of the top 3 Dan players in the world imo was on PSN.
etc I could list quite a lot more players who are on PSN and who do play on tournament lvl such as ErdemTEC, but who haven’t visited any tournaments yet
for reasons they stated long time ago. Many other really good players are just not so well known. Just for instance, if I would mention El-Kalam here,does anyone actually know him? No, but everyone knows Wildcat for his amazing Hakan, just never heard of El-Kalam. It’s always the same. Ppl don’t know about many talents until YF24 introduces them to the FGC, but the competition on PSN is good. 360 is stronger especially when it comes to Japan high lvl gameplay I agree and PC competition is almost the same as PSN.

These 2 vids I have made are kinda old and most of the players have improved since then, but the skill gap at least from the good players you will find on PSN and even PC compared to 360 are almost on the same skill lvl.




I never said there weren’t any decent players on PSN, but you can’t deny that xbl>PSN. Btw isn’t Ixion on xbl too?


He is. And he’s 1st dan aswell.

For me who came from PC i gotta admit i can see that i lack some match up knowledge. Even the lower cast of players are definetly better. Can’t compare 360 to PS3 though.


Ah, I remember playing Moshtaba and Nuckledudu on PSN. Nukledudu really hated my Chun-Li, lol, but we were good matches back in SSF4 Chocolate days. I’d love to play Nuckledudu again.

I beat Moshtaba 2-0 on the old UYG stream but I think I got kinda lucky.

Hey Liang do you play on PSN? We should play sometime. I’m a bit rusty, but I can put up a good match.


I play in Vancouver, which has a large Asian influence, and Xbox is basically the scrub box here for local tournies. Depends on where you live and your scene.