Are there no more players after the championship patch release?

is it just me or did all the players disappear after they released the championship mode patch. i always get the ‘cannot find players’ message when i go to quick match. i used to never get this. almost impossible to find 3+ bars to play with. and while playing arcade mode with challenges on, i used to be bombarded with challengers and now nobody! anyone else experiencing this? wtf is going on?

Try actually playing on championship mode if your not already, and host a game (make the room). I can never go wrong when i make the room, i always got people coming to me for matches. Although PSN has been rather garbage these last few days so that may also be contributing to that. I noticed it’s harder to find ranked matches because everyone is on championship now :rofl:

i usually play player matches because i hate wasting time in between matches, and it seems like there are no players on anymore. i guess it could be that everyone is playing championship mode now. i will have to give it a try.