Are there rage quitters in RE5 versus? Apparently so

First time ever in RE5 for me…

I was playing Slayers, 3 peeps, first match at Public Assembly the host beats my score by 2k in the last 10 seconds… no problem I’m a man I can handle a loss.

Round 2 at Ancient ruins, My Midnight Wesker’s on a roll, beating the 2 others out by 12k in points. Last 5 seconds…
“The host has suspended this session”


Avoid the PSN “DEMON_BLOODHOUND” at all costs.

Am I alone here or are there more SRK brethren who have been stabbed in the back?

Happened to me as well. But I see no point in rage quitting it. If you quit then your time goes down the drain and you don’t even get the little 500 points which could help later if you haven’t unlocked everything already.