Are there "safe jumps" in SFIV?


I’m originally an ST player and in ST when you knocked an opponent down you could perform a “safe jump” in on them on wake up. This was where you could time your jump in so either you’d land first and block their wake up attack (uppercut, etc) or land the jump in attack.

Is this still true in SFIV? Is it true for all wake up attacks?

Of interest:

Yes, you can safe jump in SF4. However, you can’t safe jump 3-frame shoryukens unless you can make them whiff on their first active frame. Upon landing, you have 2 frames of complete vulnerability and then 2 frames of recovery where you can block and tech throws. This means that you generally need safe jump setups so you don’t eat random uppercuts. You can also do empty jumps to retain trip guard and bait reversal shoryus.

Crossing someone up late enough so a reversal goes behind you but doesn’t auto-correct is fairly easy in 4.

Also of interest:

It seems that character wakeup times vary depending on character and how they were knocked down, making safe jumps fairly complicated to time.

im trying to calculate safe jump timings right now for my main. im searching for the jump frame times, but my search function is turning up a blank. i know i saw the list before. can anyone help?