Are there xbox 360 fight stick pc ports

i bought the wwe arcade stick thinking it would work with my laptop as well someone said it would . i guess i dont have intel devices in my computer is there a way to connect it. are there any ports .if so what would you recommend


First, don’t bump your own thread every few minutes. The forum mods don’t like it. Second, the forum has a dedicated question and answer thread where brillant minds like d3v and duckie can help you diagnose your issues: [Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Before you venture into that thread, read the following and see if it fixes your problem:

Most versions of windows will automatically start downloading the drivers once you plug the stick into an open usb slot. If your version of windows doesn’t: download the drivers for 360 controllers here:

If you’re on linux google “360 controller drivers linux.”

If you’re still having problems, the gentlemen in the thread mentioned above can help you out.

Actually, is Sqiggly asking how to plug it in? Are you telling me your computer doesn’t have USB ports?! Or maybe you just didn’t notice it’s USB? It’s USB.

For the sake of comedy, let’s assume he has a Macbook Air, where even the charge port is an external accessory.

no im asking can i plug my fight stick into a device then plug that device into my computer to get it to work

You question is poorly worded and extremely vague. Why would you need an adapter? Do you not have USB ports? If not than what do you have? Are you using a USB port and it’s not working? Is so what operating system are you using? Have you installed the appropriate drivers?

It’s funny how people always talk about drivers. Arcade sticks are HID compliant, folks!

That’s a madcatz one, right? Later version of windows will immediately search for 360 controller drivers when you plug it in.

i have the wwe brawlstick and it wont work on pc

***Why ***won’t it work?