Are these characters tournament worthy?


Guile Blanka Balrog


It all depends on the player knowledge and skill level. Other than that, **every **character is tournament worthy.


Looks like you got your answer.


I would prefer more than one opinion…


Or instead why don’t you just look at tournament results? Is that too much effort on your part?


Guile Yes
Balrog Yes
Blanka No (if Japanese/Brazilian: Yes)


I think you’re asking the wrong question here. All characters in this game are tournament worthy (I’m assuming here that you’re referring to AE 2012 when you asked if those characters are tournament worthy). I think a better question would be, “how difficult is it to play these characters at a tournament level?” Or something along those lines.

It also is somewhat match-up dependant. Let’s look at an easy example; say you’re a really good T. Hawk player. T. Hawk has a good match-up against the twins, but a terrible match-up against Blanka. If you got to a tournament with a lot of people who use the twins, you’re more likely to do well with T. Hawk. But if you go to a tournament with a lot of Blanka players…you’re probably not going to do so well.

To answer your question more directly, though, I’d say that Guile and Balrog are still good contenders. Guile still has good tools, and his Sonic Booms are as good of a zoning tool as ever. You just need to know how to play the waiting game. Balrog is also still pretty good I believe. Blanka, however, you might have a harder time with; he relies a lot on gimmicks, I find, and in a tournament setting, gimmicks will only get you so far.


Essentially an open ended answer pending on your very defintion of " tournament worthy". Worthy enough to have fun with, worthy enough to advance a few rounds, worthy enough to make top 8, worthy enough to win? Some characters will definately be more popular than others, and if your choosen character just happens to have a bad matchup against these popular characters, then your gonna need all the help you can get. And we at are here to help you!!!

Good luck buddy. Having said all that, I would choose Guile - IT’S ALL ABOUT THE HAIR!!!


Yes, if you put in the time and effort to become a good player with these characters.

You don’t happen to be a Darksydephil fan are you?


Yes sir I am.


The reason I said every character is worthy is because it’s all based on those two fundamentals, competitive or not. Yes, sure, those certain characters that Darksydefluffy mentioned has bad match-ups (who doesn’t?), but that shouldn’t be a reason to not play these characters at all because of bad match-ups, low popularity, losing rate etc… I feel that every character has the potential to go head-to-head with their worst enemies. Will that character succeed or be perished? One will never know until someone can stand up give that character a chance in the light.